Monday, July 27, 2009

The Bachelorette a la Jill ~ The Final Rose


I thought I'd be happy to see Kiptyn go. I wasn't ecstatic; it was sad. They had a sweet connection just not the right one.

I thought I'd be happy to see Reid back. I wasn't; it was sad too. I am sorta sad that he put himself out there and got shot down but it was clear to me how badly she just wanted Ed to be there.

I love that she picked Ed. Her family said that she and Kip had the yin and yang connection...I think they were wrong. I think she and Ed are the yin and yang. He is so steady and even; she is exciting and searching for adventure. They're a fabulous balance.
Match made in Reality TV heaven. I'm hoping this has a Trista & Ryan love written all over it.
What do you think?


Andrea said...

couldn't agree more!! so glad she picked Ed!! Can't wait for tomorrow night's ATFR!

StephG said...

I'm soooooooo happy!!!! My sister in law and I painted our toes "mango, mango" just for the finale & in honor of Tanner P...LOL.. It is a great color too!

We were beside ourselves last night! So happy...we kept getting goosebumps, chills, hot flashes, tears all from excitement!!!

I thought I would be so happy for Reid to be back and for a few days I was convinced she would pick him. However, last night it was painfully obvious she didn't want to be with Kiptyn or Reid. Only Ed! Oh happy day!!!

I LOVED her dress!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alicia Marie said...

Oh, Ed.

I am glad it was him. I actually really liked Kiptyn this show and felt so bad. I also felt so bad for poor Reid.... but it was a good choice.

Cute. Cute. Can't wait to see what happens?

I wonder if they will use Kiptyn for the next bach... Kiptyn with no shirt on will be sure to raise the ratings ;)

Bethany Patrice said...

I'm not too thrilled with her choice. I'd rather her be alone than with Ed. It just seems like she picked him because of his feelings for her, rather than of her feelings for him. He was the "sure" thing, the safe route. I do LOVE the ring though..

Gary and Elizabeth~ said...

Yes indeed, it was Ed all along. I just had to stay up last night and watch, even though I get up at 3:00am for work. I cried for all the guys last night, how hard it must have been for her to let them down. I can't wait for tonight's show.
Have a good day,

Lance said...

I really liked Ed. He is steady and grounded. He fell for her and it was evident he would love her well. I liked his little nerdy side. He was hilarious when he drank a bit too much. She was amused then and his actions were endearing to her. The editing always throws her final choice into the "who Knows" catagory so rest assured that she really wanted ED! I await the After the Rose program tonight!

Lance said...

By the way have no idea why I am coming up as Lance. This is Lyndee!

Lyndee said...

Okay! I am so for Ed. He was kind, charming, real and endearing. He is grounded, a hard worker, one who values family and was out to win her heart. She found him endearing, comical, romantic and worthy of her love. What more is there?

Jennalu said...

I am so glad that she and Ed are together. They fell for each other early on and she was heart-broken when he left. Then he walks back into her life and wala! Yes, this is a great couple and I hope they do live happily with each other!