Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Bachelorette a la Jill ~ Episode 9

First off, I missed blogging about last week's episode so can I get a big "YeeHAW!" from my girls out there to celebrate the rose-less-ness of Mr. Can't-Carry-A-Country-Tune? :) So happy.

Now that we've had a rip-roaring good time about Wes' departure, let's have a moment of silence for Reid.
I think they were a fantastic couple.
I think it's a little sad that Jill booted him because he couldn't get the right words out.
Ahem? People? Kiptyn was more outright with his refusal of an engagement than Reid was and he's still around...
I just don't know how I feel about this.

Now, for the final two.

Good old Ed. Maybe I was wrong in my assumption that Jillian was just nursing her ego when he left. Maybe she did feel a lot for him.
Sweet that he brought his parents to Maui.
Sweet that he dropped the "L" word.
I'm just not sure I absolutely see everything that's going on between the two of them.
And that bit about the hotel room and romance and...well...I just don't know what to say about that.

And Kiptyn.
I think this one might be our winner. The only thing that may throw a wrench in the happy ending is him refusing to make lil Jill happy and pop the question (I think Ed would do it in a heartbeat).
They seemed like a good team on the ropes course.
We all know how she feels about kissing him...less is...less and more is waaay more.

The wind is a little gone out of my sail since she sent Reid home. Boo on that choice, Jillie. I'm not loving it.

What I am loving? Her clothes.
(Have I said that already?)
I'm going to have to do a Jillian Fashion post just to rehash all her fabulous outfits. Honestly, the girl is fierce.


Jamie Willow said...

I missed most of it last night. I plan to watch it online to see what I missed. I have said all along she is going to pick Kipton. In her mind he is unattainable and in reach...dangerous combo for a somewhat average girl.

I love her clothes as well. That will be a fun blog to read! yay!

Bethany Patrice said...

Reid..he was the one for her. I would have dumped Ed on the spot after his green shorts made an appearance. Kiptyn just doesn't seem to be in to her. Oh Jillian..what were you thinking?

Alicia Marie said...

Oh Reid. I will miss him. He was my fav.

non highlight.. the classless bedroom scene with Ed. Gross. Tacky. Cameras in a room would probably kill the mood for most people...ick...

Looking forward to that fashion blog... She has some killer outfit!

StephG said...

YeeHaw!!! Sooooooo happy Wes is gone...his comments were so loserish! I wonder if he'll get a girlfriend ever again...LOL..

I'm sad Reid is gone too! Just because he didn't say the right thing at the exact moment she wanted him too. I thought Kiptyn was gone for sure! So sad for Reid.

ED! Oh Ed...I have like him from the start! I was so happy when he came back. The bedroom scene was a little much. Especially implying he had "issues". No kidding!! So would I. Duh! Either way, she better not make a decision based on that AND I hope the previews for 2 weeks from now were NOT about him. I'll cry! I just love him.

Can't wait to see this Monday's episode where the guys dish!!!

Oh, and the green shorts?!!!? Hilarious. My sister in law and I were laughing the WHOLE time. Then he mentioned them at the end! That was the icing on the cake. Brave boy! Love it!

Lyndee said...

With Reid she would have laughed her way to the altar. With Ed she would have security and someone that adores her, works hard and is dead serious.He would marry her if he can be believed. With Kryptonite she will always be trying to figure out where she stands unless they are touching.He may get farther away who knows???

Lyndee said...

Oh, and who really cares what the mankini looks like??? She can influence his colors later if she hates green. Green is gutsy.
Still Reid was the one. Sob!

Jennalu said...

Well, of the two left, I hope she chooses Ed. Kypton is not for her in my opinion! Reid was so good with her!

[not the] Best Blog Ever said...

I just have to say - I love your blog. :) I read and enjoy the Bachelorette posts and don't even watch the show! And I will definitely check out the books you recommend below. Thanks!

Rae Nolt said...

I caught up with the show! Out of town last week so I didn't get to watch it! BUT, I'm back.

Sad Reid is gone. Sad. sad. sad. Liked him.

Ed...not my favorite. Green shorts made me laugh...but other than that, I wanted him to go...and Reid to stay.

So far...what a season. :)
Can't wait to see who she picks!