Monday, June 22, 2009

The Bachelorette a la Jill ~ Episode 6

Ohhhh...oh oh oh.

I don't want to dignify him with naming him on my blog. So I will just say "him" and you will know which him I'm referring to.

He's nasty. He's greasy. He's a liar. And...he's still on the show. Sick.

Note Jill's perfect feet in this photo.

Was anyone else as grossed out by Tanner and his foot fetish as I was? I mean was getting disturbing. Glad he's out.

Robb getting dumped at the side of the tracks was a bit much. They're really going for dramatic exits this season, huh?
Poor guy. He wasn't ready though.

Jake was a gem. She let him go. But I kinda don't blame her. There was NO chemistry there. She just didn't have the hots for him.

Bottom line: you've gotta have the hots for someone if they're gonna be sleepin' in your bed and you're going to be doing their stinky laundry every day. You just do. It's a must.

Jesse is cute. He's cute cute cute cute cute.
The Hots? They're there.

Mike is great.
He's funny and sweet and would treat her like a complete princess if he ever got the chance.
I absolutely believed him about not having to have every girl and being ready to settle down. It's possible, people, a 25 year old can have a family and be content! Gasp!
The Hots? Not convinced yet.

Kiptyn is still wonderful and unless something completely strange happens in his home town I'm pretty sure he'll be heading to Spain with Jill.
The Hots? There. In record proportions.

Reid is nice. He says interesting things and he's got an intriguing way about him but I'm not sure I'm convinced about their "rightness" for one another.
The Hots? SemiHot.

Let's talk about the boots on this show. The boots tonight were ah-stinkin-mazing. I mean really...I think I might have a boot fetish rivaling Tanner right now. Those red numbers were to-die-for!

How about the previews for the next couple of weeks? D R A M A.

Questions for you (that you are required to answer):
Are you glad Mr. Perfect returned (in a uniform, no less) to tell Jill about him? (I am!!)
Who are the 3 Jill will take to Spain? (Kiptyn, Jesse & Mike)
Are they alluding to what I think they're alluding to with the "failure" on the over night date? (How intrusive and classless can you get?!?!)
Who is the returning Bachelor that got down on his knee? (Ed?)

Episode 5


Jamie Willow said...

I think Jake is amazing. Of course I married a hot pilot so I would know ;) him returning and speaking up is proof that he is perfect, the rest of those guys are chicken....ahem...they sit around and talk about it all the time and yet no one will speak up? what the heck?! so yes, very happy about Jake returning. Proof he is a great guy who isn't afraid.
Granted he and J had zero chemistry but I still like him.

I agree with the trifecta for spain.

I think they are alluding to what they seem to be alluding to...geez. between the naked pool jumper, foot fetish tighty whitey boy and what is to come I feel somewhat violated.

I missed some of the previews :( not sure who is returning...

I seriously am enjoying this season. even the drama! lol

Mrs. W said...

couldn't even handle wes tonight! cringed when he got a rose, kinda threw up in my mouth.

jake should have said something before he left, but i like that he's returning just to stir things up i am sure.

taking to spain; i agree w/ all your choices as well. but i dunno reid has a way of sneaking back in. i'm on the fence about him.

"failure"- you should have heard my hubby's comments on this one. halarious!

oooo... i hope ed returns to propose. that was my first thought.

i was totally grossed out by tanner's foot fetish.. a little much.

micheal is a sweet guy but i don't think they are right for each other.

so glad you blogged... i was dying to hear your thoughts!

Jennalu said...

wes still on the show-too bad! Ukie is what I got when he would talk about he has all he needs and now go for the girl! How rude! Jake coming back, I was glad as he really cares for her. I was glad to see Tanner go and for Michael to stay.

a.m. said...

Can't stand THAT guy. Nasty. That's my only word for him that I'm gonna use.

I really liked Jake, but understand the chem. thing.

Mike is sweet, but I don't think long-term material.

Jesse & Kipton...both are great. I think it's one of thse guys.

Love the analysis, as always!

Lyndee said...

What drama! They are spicing it up with all those previews, but would you want your impotence announced across america? Yuk! Whoever he is will get free Viagra for life I am sure! He can be the new guy in the ad with the wierd smile...I hope "he" just refused to do it under pressure. Editing is everything. I liked Jake best but she does not so some lucky girl will snag him up and live happily ever after. She is going for more drama and humor. Michael is adorable but young.I really like him. Jesse is fine as is Tryptonite but Reid is very real which is nice too. Editing is everything and our minds are being swayed by that fact.
Wes is still in for the drama to come! Can't wait.

Rae Nolt said...

I'm so happy Jake is coming back to tell Jill about HIM. Ugh. Yuck. Gross. week he takes her to meet the BAND!? Total..."let me get my band on TV" deal.

As for the final 3...I think you are right with your guess.

As for the overnight deal...I think they are making something out of nothing. But I could be wrong.

Let's just say that I told my husband I wanted it to be me traveling on that train through the Rocky MTS. HELLO...breathtaking!

Can't wait for next Monday night!

Gina said...

Oh good LORD have mercy I cannot even begin to describe my dislike for "him"! WHAT a skeeze!!! I cannot believe he was honestly saying all of that crap! I'm so done with him. I agree they edit the previews to make us think certain things so I HOPE I'm wrong..but I could've sworn that I noticed him in a clip of what seemed like an overnight date...which I'm pretty sure don't happen until Spain. ICK. He needs to GOOOO!

I LOVE Michael. Adore him, actually. He's hilarious, SO cute, and SOO sweet with her! I agree Ash..not sure if the hots are there yet. If he gets the boot next week I'm considering looking him up! I think he might be kind short though.... ;(

Kyptin... YUM! She likes him...a LOT. I have a feeling whatever "problem" they're alluding to might be him only cuz she seemed SO upset that it was the particular guy it was. But I agree, editing is probably making it look much worse.

Jesse is cute, yes.. but I'm just not sure about him. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE if it was Ed that comes back to propose! I think she liked him more than she realized and he was for sure a front runner! And thank God Jake tells her the truth about Professor McNasty. Someone had to! I wasn't all that sad to see him go...their connection was non existent lately. Tanner and the foot thing.. just too far, dude... way too far. He was nice.. but not the one for Jill... at all!

Can't wait to see the rest of the season's drama!! Love the blog, Ash. :)

Bethany Patrice said...

I'm starting to think that Jillian is a little fame seeker herself. Maybe she likes the idea of being with someone who has a possibility of "making it big." He is slimey.