Monday, June 15, 2009

The Bachelorette a la Jill ~ Episode 5

Jill isn't failing to deliver on the drama or the fashion. Love her for that. :)

Ed - I was surprised at her reaction to his exit from the show. I wonder...was she more upset that he left b/c she was so into him or more upset because he left her for work? Weigh in...whatcha think? I'm curious.
Jake - I think he'll be going soon. He's got the 'too perfect' vibe (according to her) and she's not digging it. I, personally, strived to get a man as close to perfect as I could find. Nothin' wrong w/ perfect, friends. Nothing at all.
But I can see what she means...not sure there's much chemistry there.
Michael - So so cute. Funny, sweet, heart-on-sleeve. The only question is if she feels "oh-la-la" with him. She's been doing a record amount of smooching on this show and not much of it has been with him. No question he got the best date though...I looooove the zipline. ;)
Reid - Nice. Tries a bit too hard. But nice. That's all.
Robby - I don't get it.
Tanner P. - Icky and a bit of a drama queen with all the "I know something you don't know, but I'm not gonna name names." Boo on him.

Wes - He's a stink-bomb. A complete and utter stink-bomb. And he can't sing. Worth a hoot. So there, fame seeker. Humpf!

Kiptyn - Yay! A keeper. She can't keep her pretty little Canadian lips off him. You know that "talking stain" commercial? Their chemistry reminds me of that...they're talking and they might be saying great things, but there's something so distracting going on in the meantime...
Chemistry off the wall there. And, he seems like a fairly nice fellow, so I approve.
Jesse - This is an unforeseen, precious connection. Did you see his relief and (practically) adoration when she said she wasn't requiring someone to move to Canada for her? He was ready to give her a ring right there.
I like him. I just do.

Here's what I want to know:
~ Did she really have the hots for Ed as much as she let on? (or was it more of a hurt pride issue?)
~ Does Wes have a girlfriend? Do you think he's slimy and disgusting too? Would you ever buy an album?
~ Do you think Tanner should reveal to her the identity of the 'boyfriend in question'?
(My answer: YES! If any of these guys really care for her as a friend at the very least, they should let her know if one of her 'boyfriends' is a liar. It's just courtesy. Yes, it's his business. He's a turkey for not telling her. A foot-loving, skinny-faced, buggy-eyed turkey.)
~ Last but not least: Who's your favorite bachelor?


Mrs. W said...

not a fan of wes or tanner! tanner was creepin me out tonight at the rose ceremony. i like ed and was sad to see him go. really like jesse and kypton they are keepers. poor jake he seems nice, but i don't think she's into him. and NO i would never buy wes's album! i think he needs to go, he's creepy and weird!

StephG said...

I was on the phone with my sister in law for the full 2 hours and 2 minutes of show!!! We were gasping and oooh-ing and ahhh-ing at the same moment! We were disgusted with the Kiptyn kiss though...too much tongue from him...ewww...although we like him!
We said the EXACT SAME THING about Jesse when she said she was willing to move. He's a wine maker! How ya gonna make wine in snow??? LOL
Ed. Oh Ed. He chose career over a chance at love. Oh Ed. I can't blame you really, but I was so sad to see you go. You were my fav!!!
Wes! Blech. Ew. Go home. Did you hear the comment he made in the previews for next week???!! Scumbag!! Everytime we saw Wes' face there were some unintelligible sounds coming from us! LOL...

We can't believe we have to wait a whole week until the next episode.

Jennalu said...

I like Jesse and Kiptin. Wes needs to go last week!!! I think that some of these guys need to go like Ed did. I really got into this one as there are not as many people left. It will be interesting. Jake is the perfect man, but she doen't think so!

Kayla said...

I like Jesse, Kiptyn and Michael. Wes needs to go, but I am afraid she will keep him for awhile. I heard his annoying voice in the preview on one of the over night dates. Speaking of over night dates...can we get there already? I am dying to know who has her so upset afterwards! Oh the drama...nothing like it :-)

Yes, I think Wes has a girlfriend. I wish they would let her see what happens in the house when she is not around so then she could call him on his lies!

I do think Tanner should have told her. I would have sent him home if he is determined to spread partial truths and put her through that.

I do think she will miss Ed and that it was more of a hurt pride thing.

That is all for now I must get back to work :-)

Rae Nolt said...

Loving this season. Wes...NEEDS to GO home. Ugh. I WILL not buy his CD. Gross. What was his sister thinking of signing him up for this.

Jake...I loved from the beginning. But hardly showed him last night. Sad. I think he will go home soon. Sad to see him go.

Ed...YES. Pride that he'd pick WORK over Jill. I was SHOCKED to see her react this way. I liked him, but didn't think Jill liked him THAT much to be crying and cancel the cocktail party over it all. I bet he thought he was going to get cut soon and KNEW that his job was the better deal. Good for him.

Can't wait for the rest of the season! :)

Bethany Patrice said...

Is it mean to say Jesse grosses me out? There is something about him that makes me cringe when he's on camera.

Ed was my favorite :(

Kiptyn--my new favorite.

Jake-his star is falling.

Wes-puke and more puke.

Tanner-I'm not entirely convinced he likes women.

Gina said...

The real question is...WHY did I forget that you do these blogs!??! Ugh!! Well...I'm here now.

I agree with everything you said pretty much. I LOVE Michael.. I think he is absolutely hysterical and SO so cute! I would date him! :) And Kiptyn..YUM! She is so goo-goo over him. They're cute and I hope he stays a long time.. they'd be cute together.

I agree about Jake... their chemistry is lacking lately. And even though "too perfect" isn't necessarily a bad thing, I don't think that's the kind of guy she likes. Jesse was a surprise to me.. he's cute and seems to like her a lot. I like him too.. their date was super fun too.

Wes. YUCK. I'm so over him. You're right.. his voice is not that great! And he's such a skeeze! Even if he doesn't have a girlfriend, you can just tell there is something SO sketchy about him. I don't like him at all.

And does anyone else think that Tanner might actually be gay!?! I read that on the blog this morning and thought...YES!..THAT'S what it is about him that I couldn't figure out!! I wouldn't be surprised.

I was so sad about Ed. I loved him! I think it was more a blow to her pride. I'm sure she really liked him, but when YOU'RE the one picking the guys and they're there FOR you, you don't expect them to decide to leave. She'll get over that in about three days when she continues her make-out sessions with Kyptin and Jesse. :)

Canadian Tourism said...

Great to see that Jillian and crew went ziptrekking. Hope they had as much fun as this guy.

Alicia Marie said...

whew. It pretty much all has been said.

Ed...hurt pride. I mean, who wants to be dumped for work?!

Wes. Ew. I would never buy his cd.ever.

Tanner. Double EW.

Her rose ceremony dress? AMAZING. She makes me want to go work out and look that cute in clothes...sigh...

Jamie Willow said...

comcast sucks. I missed the first 30 minutes cause the channel wasn't available.
I'll find time to watch it online eventually.

I think Ed made a good choice. He was definitely a favorite but she likes making out with kryptonite boy way to much and will probably pick him in the end. So good for Ed keeping a job. lordy.

and I think Jillian reacted strongly because of pride but how selfish to make a man lose his livelihood for tv love. If she still feels like he was "the one" knowing ABC she can bring him back for the finale and pick him. lol. that would be a new one. (assuming he could get the time off...hehe)

I so loving the bachelorette.

Jamie Willow said...

oh yeah....

I also wanted to say that Wes sucks. He keeps saying his sister signed him he had no say in the matter...she may have signed him up but he is the one who said to himself "could be good for my music career, I'll do it" cause we all know that's why he agreed...if he really wanted to find love on the bachelorette he would have signed himself up!

I'm just saying...

Lyndee said...

Mama says give Robbie 5 years and he should be the bachelor...Wes is an opportunist...Kypton will have top advantage until the last stretch but may not make it in to the home plate....Tanner is staying in case he decides to give up the "secret" not from his overwhelming appeal...Reid is interesting but not really to her...I like Jesse and Jake at the moment but Mr. Perfect isn't sweeping her off her feet...Ed was a loss and I felt like she was attracted to him and wonders if he was the one. Now she will not know and thus her tears for the lost possibility...Michael now he is interesting and maybe can hold his own in this thing. May the best man for her win!

Gary and Elizabeth~ said...

Wes needs to go, he is so egotistical and I would not buy his CD either. I think he is ruining what ever chance he did have of becoming a country singer. I do hope Jillian picks the right guy. I wonder.
Great Post.
Enjoy your day,