Saturday, June 27, 2009

Our 6th Wedding Anniversary

Speak in a summer tone
Pause in the after glow
Tenderly whisper my name
Tell me once again why I am your bride
So I can fly
So I can fly

Pause in your busy day
Look extra long my way
Wink at me across the room
Kiss me longer
Touch my arm when I am by your side
So I can fly
So I can fly

Oh how the little things
Strengthen my tiny wings
Help me to take on the world
When you love me there's nothing I wouldn't try
I might even fly
I might even fly
I might even fly

Lyrics to Fly by Sara Groves
Mrs. B. sang this to Mr. B. at the altar on their wedding day.

Monday, June 22, 2009

The Bachelorette a la Jill ~ Episode 6

Ohhhh...oh oh oh.

I don't want to dignify him with naming him on my blog. So I will just say "him" and you will know which him I'm referring to.

He's nasty. He's greasy. He's a liar. And...he's still on the show. Sick.

Note Jill's perfect feet in this photo.

Was anyone else as grossed out by Tanner and his foot fetish as I was? I mean was getting disturbing. Glad he's out.

Robb getting dumped at the side of the tracks was a bit much. They're really going for dramatic exits this season, huh?
Poor guy. He wasn't ready though.

Jake was a gem. She let him go. But I kinda don't blame her. There was NO chemistry there. She just didn't have the hots for him.

Bottom line: you've gotta have the hots for someone if they're gonna be sleepin' in your bed and you're going to be doing their stinky laundry every day. You just do. It's a must.

Jesse is cute. He's cute cute cute cute cute.
The Hots? They're there.

Mike is great.
He's funny and sweet and would treat her like a complete princess if he ever got the chance.
I absolutely believed him about not having to have every girl and being ready to settle down. It's possible, people, a 25 year old can have a family and be content! Gasp!
The Hots? Not convinced yet.

Kiptyn is still wonderful and unless something completely strange happens in his home town I'm pretty sure he'll be heading to Spain with Jill.
The Hots? There. In record proportions.

Reid is nice. He says interesting things and he's got an intriguing way about him but I'm not sure I'm convinced about their "rightness" for one another.
The Hots? SemiHot.

Let's talk about the boots on this show. The boots tonight were ah-stinkin-mazing. I mean really...I think I might have a boot fetish rivaling Tanner right now. Those red numbers were to-die-for!

How about the previews for the next couple of weeks? D R A M A.

Questions for you (that you are required to answer):
Are you glad Mr. Perfect returned (in a uniform, no less) to tell Jill about him? (I am!!)
Who are the 3 Jill will take to Spain? (Kiptyn, Jesse & Mike)
Are they alluding to what I think they're alluding to with the "failure" on the over night date? (How intrusive and classless can you get?!?!)
Who is the returning Bachelor that got down on his knee? (Ed?)

Episode 5

Potty Pros

Both of my kids are potty trained. Potty. Trained.

Do you know what this means? They both ("both" meaning Beck and Evie) wear cotton undies with Disney characters on them and do not soil them.

I thought the day would never come. Remember this post? And this one? And this?
(Note: much of the success of Evie's training is due to Gramma Lynda's miraculous potty training abilities and her visit at the beginning of June while Mr. B. and I visited Paradise. Thank you, Gram!)

Friday, June 19, 2009

Just A Little Bit of Lovely

Have a gorgeous, Summer Friday.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Mother In Law

Just wanted to make a little post to say:

I love my Mother in Law

I do! I really do!


Monday, June 15, 2009

The Bachelorette a la Jill ~ Episode 5

Jill isn't failing to deliver on the drama or the fashion. Love her for that. :)

Ed - I was surprised at her reaction to his exit from the show. I wonder...was she more upset that he left b/c she was so into him or more upset because he left her for work? Weigh in...whatcha think? I'm curious.
Jake - I think he'll be going soon. He's got the 'too perfect' vibe (according to her) and she's not digging it. I, personally, strived to get a man as close to perfect as I could find. Nothin' wrong w/ perfect, friends. Nothing at all.
But I can see what she means...not sure there's much chemistry there.
Michael - So so cute. Funny, sweet, heart-on-sleeve. The only question is if she feels "oh-la-la" with him. She's been doing a record amount of smooching on this show and not much of it has been with him. No question he got the best date though...I looooove the zipline. ;)
Reid - Nice. Tries a bit too hard. But nice. That's all.
Robby - I don't get it.
Tanner P. - Icky and a bit of a drama queen with all the "I know something you don't know, but I'm not gonna name names." Boo on him.

Wes - He's a stink-bomb. A complete and utter stink-bomb. And he can't sing. Worth a hoot. So there, fame seeker. Humpf!

Kiptyn - Yay! A keeper. She can't keep her pretty little Canadian lips off him. You know that "talking stain" commercial? Their chemistry reminds me of that...they're talking and they might be saying great things, but there's something so distracting going on in the meantime...
Chemistry off the wall there. And, he seems like a fairly nice fellow, so I approve.
Jesse - This is an unforeseen, precious connection. Did you see his relief and (practically) adoration when she said she wasn't requiring someone to move to Canada for her? He was ready to give her a ring right there.
I like him. I just do.

Here's what I want to know:
~ Did she really have the hots for Ed as much as she let on? (or was it more of a hurt pride issue?)
~ Does Wes have a girlfriend? Do you think he's slimy and disgusting too? Would you ever buy an album?
~ Do you think Tanner should reveal to her the identity of the 'boyfriend in question'?
(My answer: YES! If any of these guys really care for her as a friend at the very least, they should let her know if one of her 'boyfriends' is a liar. It's just courtesy. Yes, it's his business. He's a turkey for not telling her. A foot-loving, skinny-faced, buggy-eyed turkey.)
~ Last but not least: Who's your favorite bachelor?

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Losing Touch

I think it's really sad when people lose touch with one another...

photo by Duston Todd

One of my best girls from college got married yesterday. We haven't talked in ages and I found out through the grapevine.
D - I hope you had a perfect wedding day. I love you.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

No Problem, Mon.

Be forewarned: There are lots of photos in this post. But please, look at them.
#1 - They are pretty gorgeous.

#2 - It took what feels like 40 years of my precious life to upload them all.


Details about our trip to Jamaica are going to come in bullet points. Because, seriously, who wants to read entire, dreadful bloggy paragraphs? No one. Paragraphs are for books and essays.

- I adored Jamaica. The people, the food (off the resort), the music, the land, the sea, the...everything. (Not the weed, didn't encounter the weed.)

- Our resort was impressive. Fab, really. The largest pool I have EVER seen. It just rambled and trickled all the way around the hotel. Bridges were built to get you around it and several bars dotted the need a refreshment to make it, apparently.

- Off the resort was rugged and poor and real. So cool to see a broke-down shack with a million + dollar view of the ocean. I almost convinced myself I could live that way...and then thought of bathrooms and decided I probably couldn't.

- The food. I mentioned the food. But it was GOOD. The jerk, that is. We had jerk chicken off the resort a few times and enjoyed every spicy morsel. The food on the resort? Not yummy. Not yummy at all. :(

- We decided that the most entertaining of all things on our trip was the people-watching. Yup, we watch people. We do it well. We even make assumptions about people based on what they look like.
I'll even admit that we had nicknames for some of our fellow vacationers: "Leather Breast" (she was a topless sunbather), "Drunk Lady" (never sober), "Awkward Couple" (there were a few of those, we distinguished them with numbers 1, 2 and 3.), "The Baptist Honeymooners," and there was a whole passel of, "Is She a Stripper or Just European?" girls too.
-We did a whole lot of lolling by the water. Beach, pool, hot all works for us.

-We call these 'Happy Feet.'

- - We took a taxi into the city of Ocho Rios one afternoon. To bargain hunt and haggle (Mr. B's expertise) with the local artisans.

-Mandatory sunset photo:

-Not so mandatory eerie night sky photo:
-The weather was gorgeous. We were skeptical from hearing that we are dead in the middle of the rain season, but it was fine. One afternoon downpour and all was clear.

-These are a few of my favorite scenery photos. Taken off the beaten track in the mountains.

- They really use, "Yeah, Mon!" as a part of their regular vernacular there! I thought maybe it was a myth, like how people think everyone in Chicago says, "Da Bears" or like everything in Texas being bigger. It's not. I was absolutely thrilled, grinning from ear to ear to hear them say it. ("No problem, Mon" is another big one.)

- Not as boring and lax as you might think, we hoisted ourselves from our beach lounges long enough to climb a waterfall (Dunn's River Falls) and cruise on a zip line through the treetops.

- One benefit of not losing all the weight you wanted before your vacation: When you slip straight to your rear end while climbing a rushing waterfall it is surprisingly pleasant. Just a little bounce, maybe red cheeks from slight embarrassment and off you go, on your merry, flabby bottomed way!

- The Canopy Tour (zip line) was one of the best things I've ever done.

- How I felt about the zip line:

- How poor Mr. B. felt about the zipline:

- And then, just like that, as quick as lightening, it was time to go home.

- Our trip home was a bit nightmare-ish. American Airlines botched big time (giving details will make my blood pressure rise, so I will not) and we got stuck in Miami overnight. Hated every moment of it. I just wanted to get out of the blasted, night club/hotel we got stuck in and get back to my babies.

- Now all we have left is our Marley playlist, sun-browned skin, a smattering of freckles and memories to hold us over until our next meander into Jamaica-land. I am ready to go back yesterday...
No, we did not go to a topless beach on our vacation. My previous posted photo left you lovelies with a little speculation.

I'm not that kinda girl. Thought you knew that! ;)

Proving that I, indeed, was fully dressed in appropriate beach attire.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Yes, we are back from our vacation.
Yes, we had a perfect time.
Yes, I will post a blog about it.
Yes, I'm putting off the blogging because I'm having a ridiculous shock trying to get back into the swing of life. How did I do life, anyway?
Yes, I want to post a Bachelorette blog. Jillian has been entertaining me immensely. I love her, and her clothes.
Yes, I miss Jamaica.