Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Real Life Tuesday - 11

I love Real Life Tuesdays. They're quite the crack-up.

Here's our pregnant girl from two weeks ago...she looks really happy...murderously happy. What does she know that we don't know?

"In Real Life if I have a good hard laugh like the one she is having, I better be prepared to change undies because I WILL spring a leak."


Jordan should win. She's on her 5th pregnancy and is quite close to the 40 week mark. Hang in there, Jordan, and keep the pads close! :)

Take a look at this family picnic.

In your dreams:

via {that unreliable girl}

In Real Life...


The Arnold Family said...


IRL: That design would give me a migraine and I would be insanely and obsessively trying to keep the doors shut so bugs would stay out.

But it's pretty to think about. *sigh*.

jek said...

In real life...my fireman brother-in-law would need to be on hand. I am sure to start a fire.

Saundra said...

In real life the yard is too small and besides the whole fire hazard, wind-blowing, rain thing, you'd be stepping in dog poo to get there. The background music would consist of the flat-sounding pipe organ from the neighborhood church playing show tunes every hour on the loud speaker.

Ms Unreliable said...

In real life, mosquitoes would cruise past any and all repellants known to man in order to attack my legs. Nobody elses mind you, just me.

Starting a fire is also a possibility. Accidentally, of course.

xx Kit