Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Bachelorette Begins...

Jillian is princess for the day! (or the reality TV season...whichever)

I'm so excited to watch her. Excited and a little wary. I hated all the nastiness from last season and I have a terrible feeling this one isn't going to be much better. I'm speculating...are these guys in it to hit their 'big break'? Is Jillian looking for a footing in Hollywood? Will the producers mess with the fate of the characters?

But, since I'm so excited and ready to chat it up with you guys about it, I'm going to do a purely physical assessment of some of the bachelors vying for Little Miss Thang's attention this season.

he's a musician.
I feel some original songs coming on.
Oh help me...

he's a break dance instructor.
He looks like he needs a happy pill...
or maybe a stop-taking-yourself-so-seriously pill.

he's a business developer.
Seems respectable...
but then, his name is KIPTYN.
Oh my.

he's a commercial pilot.
Yay. A good job and a good name.
We've got a winner.


he's an 'entrepreneur.'
That seems shady to me...


And apparently a David Cook wannabe.

he's a trucking contractor.
I'm not sure if he's cute or not.
I need to see him in (TV) action.

And then...
there's this guy.

he's a graphic designer.
One of these things is not like the other...
he's not so cute.

So there are some of them. A group of strange names, fake tans and suspiciously lime-light seeking livelihoods. Hum...
The real question is, how do they dress their hot dogs?


StephG said...

Oh boy! This post is not helping me...lol...I'm still torn. I want to watch, but yet I don't. The agony of it all...

Knowing me, I'll probably watch and join in on the commentary here!!!!

Jamie Willow said...

i think you have some good picks here :)