Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Daily Anne ~ 3rd Installation

"I like things to have handles even if they are only geraniums. It makes them seem more like people. How do you know but that it hurts a geranium's feelings just to be called a geranium and nothing else? You wouldn't like to be called nothing but a woman all the time. Yes, I shall call it Bonny. I named that cherry tree outside my bedroom window this morning. I called it Snow Queen because it was so white. Of course, it won't always be in blossom, but one can imagine that it is, can't one?"

"I never in all my life saw or heard anything equal to her," muttered Marilla...

-Anne of Green Gables

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Jennalu said...

I do so ever enjoy your Anne of Green Gables segments Ashley! I am excited for your upcoming trip.