Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Bachelorette a la Jill ~ Episode 1

It's all a bit of a blur. 30 men? I was reeling by the time Jill was passing out roses...can't imagine how she must've felt. Do you think she has a teleprompter to remind her of the names she's picked? I could never remember all those Tanners and Johns and Marks and Mikes. Never.

Not much to say here...it will get more interesting as time moves on (looks like a bit too interesting from the teaser at the end of the show).

Favorite moment: The breakdancing face-off.

Most awkward moment: Dave's mute entrance.

Most redeeming moment: Dave getting the 1st impression rose despite his mute entrance.

Most weirdo moment: This Tanner P. guy checking out the arches on Jillian's feet. Yikes?

Favorite quote: "She must not like awesome guys." Said by the ego-deflated Stephen from NYC.

Jillian & Stephen

I do think she had a connection with this Mathue person. He's the personal trainer who had her sign his country music hall of fame hat.

And I think she had a little connection with Kiptyn too. He seems like a nice enough guy...despite the name. Maybe there's a story there?

I am wondering if somewhere in production there was a mix-up and they turned this show into 'The Fashionista' instead of 'Bachelorette.' Did you see the beginning montage of Jill in all her a-stinkin'-dorable outfits?? My Lordy! Ladies, if you don't watch the show for the 'romance' watch it for Jill's dressing abilities. I guess the interior design comes in handy while dressing too.

I'm in a bit of a fog. You know how you go to a foreign country and everyone looks the same until you've been there for awhile? That's how I feel about all of these dudes. Maybe we've taken a trip to Testosteroneville and we need to get past the culture shock...


Bethany Patrice said...

you are soo right about her outfits. She had two trench coats and a zillion scarves.

Scariest moment for me? Her doing cartwheels down the beach in the intro. To steal a word from SNL..really?

Very disappointed in the ambassadors from Chicago..ewwwwe.

Jamie Willow said...

that about sums it up!

the "She must not like awesome guys" comment had me laughing out loud...a real life lol :)

and the foot fetish guy...she is going to regret keeping him once she sees what a weirdo he is...

Laura said...

I always love your Bachelor or Bachelorette installments because I don't actually get to watch them here. First impressions on Kiptyn's name.....
unfortunate name.... not his fault... maybe he had stupid parents. You can't help what your name is, unless he changed his name from something else to Kiptyn. I'm guessing his parents were a bit too ambitious when it came to naming him.

Katie Allegretti said...

I was too busy staring at her amazing dress for the entire episode. It was stunning. She looks fantastic in white. And the pale pink number at the end...wow. Just. Wow.

Anyway..I like Jake, Kiptyn (wth?) and Juan, oh, oh, and the winery guy. Those are my faves. The musician guy rubbed me the wrong way, and some of the guys she kept, like "Mr. Sensitive" Dave (I'm not buyin' it, by the way...) were just weird.

And the lawyer she eliminated with the awesome comment....HILARIOUS. He should so be the next Bachelor.


And yes, I just said not. :)