Monday, April 20, 2009


Some things I'm learning:

You have to learn to breathe while running.

Running slow and steady is better than fast and staring/stopping.

Losing weight isn't easy. I will never say the words, 'It just melted off!' Never ever.

I must be surrounded with people who encourage and support my mission.

I tend to sabotage myself and feel that I 'deserve' that treat. Not true.

Inches come off before pounds come off.

Medication messes w/ my metabolism. No more meds.

There are no excuses.

Most likely I will not look like this by the time we go to Jamaica (less than six weeks, now) but I can certainly try!

Taking care of myself feels fabulous.


Lyndee said...

I admire you for trying. The no excuses thing gets hard but it works!
I am not your best example at the moment....I am cutting down and that is good.

Michelle said...

Go girl. It's SO hard not to make excuses, but it's so true that once you start caring and taking care of YOURSELF, it's super motivating.

The pounds not coming off de-motivates so many people I think...muscle weighs significantly more than fat because it's an efficient calorie-and-fat-destroying MACHINE!

Keep it up!! You're awesome!

Sarah said...

Goooooo! I can't wait to follow in your footsteps after this baby is born! YOu will have to let us know about all the inches you lose!