Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I Love My Son

I love him because he's potty trained.

I mean...I love him for more reasons than that. I love him for a plethora of reasons...but I especially love him because he's potty trained.

You know those people - they shall remain unnamed - who told me, "Ah, just wait it out. He'll decide on his own and virtually train himself"? They told me that while I was in the depths of despair (Anne of Green Gables, anyone?) trying to get the boy to befriend the potty. Nothing I did worked. Nothing, I tell you.
I was bitter at them because I was positive they were wrong. I knew there was something I could do...knew it. I just didn't know what.

Umm...they were right. Oh so wonderfully right!

One day he just did it. My boy did it.

Now there are times while I'm doing my own thing (yep, that happens sometimes...) and I hear a faint "galuuush!" that is the toilet flushing. And a struggle with little underpants ensues and a voice rings out, "Mama! I went pee!" and he runs back to his action figures and resumes his play.

I freeze and struggle to contain my frenzied joy and tears...he's done it and I love him for it.

"Good boy, Beck. I'm so proud of you!" I say.

"Yep, Mom. I'm proud o' you too." He calls back.


Photo: Beck with the clowns at the Circus a couple of weeks ago.


The Arnold Family said...

Yup. Soo true! GLAD he is doing it for you now. You can forever mark that off your check list!!!

Kim said...

I soooooo know what you mean...about it all! To me what was worse were the constant suggestions to do things you'd of course already tried. And for me, the accusations (mostly made by myself) that the reason he wasn't trained was because I wasn't at home with him during the day. Sorry, this stirs up feelings! LOL! I am so so happy for you!! No more diapers! Except maybe at night, nbd!

Laura said...

Brilliant. What a good boy.

Katie said...

Your post gives me inspiration. I tried again with Audrey today, NO LUCK. She is not ready. I think she'll wear pull ups to Prom.

Anonymous said...

Yippee! Now make sure he is washing his hands!! :o)

And what a CUTE CUTE CUTE pict!!

[not the] Best Blog Ever said...

Congrats! Mom of the Year award for you!

p.s. I'd love your input over on my "Two RFIs" blog post... :)

[not the] Best Blog Ever said...

Mrs. B. - thanks for the help!!