Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I made a gutsy move last night. Committed to something - against my better judgement.

Let's go back two years...I had this baby. She was precious and beautiful and everything I thought a little girl should be. She also left me with a completely hideous body. Completely.

I nursed this pink bundle for 14 months and lost nearly all of my 'baby weight' - such a cute name for such an ugly phenomenon. That was a year ago. Let me just say that I did not realize what a fantastic diet nursing is until I stopped. The weight piled on...and piled...and piled.

Until I woke up and there I was: 25 pounds heavier than I have any business being.

This brings me to my gutsy, completely stupid move...My husband challenged me to, "work out my way" (his words) and he guaranteed that I would be into my size 6's in six weeks. That means I would lose about 20 pounds, people.

That's a mighty large claim. But he's Mr. B. he doesn't do small or even medium he only does BIG.

Most likely, at another moment in time, I would not have given this idea another thought. You see, following his direction, especially in working out, does not do good things to our relationship. To be completely real, he makes me hate him. Hate. He makes me want to gouge his eyes out and knock the big grin off his stinkin' face. See? It's bad.

The only reason I considered it is because I've tried it all. I've tried my way...and it didn't work. So I'm going his way.

I committed. He grinned. His eyes sparkled. I promptly felt nauseous.

Here is my before photo. Taken on Easter day. A bit plump, wouldn't you say? Wait...don't say...

I will not be the girl uploading half nakey pictures of myself to show my dramatic weight loss, that's why I'm decently clothed here. I also used this photo because I want to remember how much I used to love Mr. B. And what he looked like with his eyes and smile still intact.
A brief synopsis of my program:
AM: 30 minutes StairMaster
Noon: 3.7 mile run/walk or Elliptical Machine
PM: 40 + minutes Weight Training
Diet: Nothing yummy. Nothing.
Another thing I will not be doing: disclosing my weight. I will tell you how much I've lost, but as for the actual number I see on the scale every morning? Nada. I might threaten bodily harm to my husband but I'm still a lady!

P.S. Any encouragement you have in the from of comments will be greatly appreciated. :)


Andrea said...

Go Mrs. B!!! I completly feel you with the husband thing, I don't like to work out with my Hubby either he's a maniac when it comes to that. In Master's they called him Coach "O" I can't handle it, nor will I be calling him that either. :) Can't wait to hear all about your progress.... I'm in the same boat! Yea for better bodies and healthy lives!

Bethany Patrice said...

funny you should write this today. This morning at 6:30 am I dragged my jiggly butt out of bed and went to the gym for the first time since July 3rd of last year. I tried on some summer clothes and was disgusted by the sag I saw..on my arms, in my booty, and thighs..I ran 1 mile today. No more no less. My goal is to tone up the flab and be able to walk upstairs without having to stop for a breather. We are going on vacation the week of May 25th..I will NOT be jello by then. Here's too trimming down and toning up!

Lindsey said...

Mrs. B,
I send the the best of luck and pound shedding vibes! I understand how you are feeling and know you can do it.
Since having baby number two last August, I've lost 60 pounds (mainly from walking 3.5 miles a day with the kiddos) and want to lose another ten to get to my pre-pre-preggo weight. It's tough and some days I'm way too hard on myself, but other days, I feel great for and know it'll happen. It will happen. For both of us!
(if it's any consolation, I'm embarking on a no-sweets-diet for the next 4 weeks, which won't happen easily--but I'm determined to lose these last ten pounds--so I'll be dreaming of pastries along side you!).
As for the hubby, I totally understand! That's why I've refused any advice from mine and his lean, muscley self.

a.m. said...

You CAN do it & enjoy it :) I know you can. The Mister and I decided to run a half marathon in the fall & my sister in NC called yesterday to see if I'd run a full on in Oct with her in DC. I said yes. I feel your dread in starting & excitment with the end result. I promise to be encouragement. Bring your tennies this weekend...they have a gym. I saw pics!

Alicia Marie said...

i am RIGHT there with you and that post baby body thing. I would LOVE to get into my 6's as well. How do you find the time for that type of exercise program? I would LOVE to get in more exercise than what i am doing. Good luck! I will be cheering you on and trying to lose that weight myself... When you are done with that hubby, send him my way... i want this weight GONE!

Jamie Willow said...

oh Ashley I love you.

I know you can do it. You have a stubborn streak that will come in handy...Mr B will relish this opportunity and that will motivate you to show him what you got.

love it. I believe in you 100%.

and pretty soon I may be calling Mr B for my own work out regimen :)

gina said...

I am in a similiar situation I Have had 4 children and nursed them all. the first babe 8mos. she was a bitter. 2nd babe 19mos. she didn't want to give it up. 3rd babe 18mos. she was right on target and 4th babe 23mos also did not want to give it up. so anyway I have very large babies. babe # 2 was 10lbs 2oz and #3 8 1/2 but induced 2 weeks early because she was getting big and was projected to be 10 1/2lbs and #4 she was 9 1/2 and induced 2 weeks early because she was projected to be 11-11 1/2 lbs. so by my last day of pregancy I weighed 220lbs
(I am 5'8") and was more than ready to get her out. I have lost more than 50lbs since her birth 2 years ago but I need to loose at least another 25lbs. and it is HARD. I wish you all the luck and encouragement in the world and please remember the good times when Mr. B is being the SGT. in command.

jek said...

As soon as I started reading this I recalled a story my brother told me about when Ira worked him out...once! He never invited Ira back into his home for a workout again.

I don't envy the work, and I don't doubt that you will meet your goal! Good luck, and I sure you will hold your own.

Maegan said...

I will start off with look GORGEOUS already!
But if you feel you NEED to lose weight..then you can DO it! Just think of the light at the end of the good it feels for people to notice how good you look. Think of how much easier it will be keeping up with those two cutie pies of yours..Good Luck!!!

The Arnold Family said...

Oh wow I am so excited to watch!!! You will do great. You weight will MELT away. :)

Lance said...

From a man's perspective, it is hard to face your pride and give up control. I laughed at this post, however I understand how much you two love each other, Mr. B is one tough cookie when it comes to his profession, I pray for grace for you all.

[not the] Best Blog Ever said...

Like Lance, I also laughed a little when I read this post. You have a great way with words, Mrs. B!

And, having worked out for several months once upon a time with Jessi (for those who don't know, Mr. B's sister), I have some idea of the "adventure" upon which you're about to embark. But, know this: It will be worth it! And you can do it! And I see no trips to divorce court in your future!


Good luck! Looking forward to the progress reports.

Rae Nolt said...

I laughed so hard at this post, Mrs. B! My brother is the SAME as your husband. I cried MORE times growing up over him telling me what I should/shouldn't eat. AND, the ONE time I asked him to get my in shape...Murderous thoughts raced in my mind towards him. Since then, he has left me alone to gain more weight.
Good luck to you and I can't wait to see your after pics! Hang in will be worth it!

Lyndee said...

Do it now and live longer better and cuter by the way I have no support or encouragement in my effort to be less of my pondersome self. Ira loves a challenge and he loves you despite all the evidence you will try to find in the moments of pain. I am cheering you on. Make all your treats non-food ones! Unless green pepper slices are your fav.

Kim said...

You can do it! I think you could never be anything but beautiful - you are one of those people that looks good in whatever she's wearing. But I know you want to lose weight. I absolutely see your point about Mr. B - that has to be the worst! I do have to say...your before picture makes you look heavier than you really are with all those layers! I know you said you wont be half-nakey but at least wear something fitting!