Thursday, April 9, 2009

Anthro Trip

I'd been hoping for a trip to my favorite store this weekend. My wish was granted...the wish-granting fairy was a bit more hairy and tall than I had anticipated; less graceful too. Mr. B. wont be quitting his day-job for a fairy gig any time soon, but he does the job for me! :)

All right, enough nonsense. Here are the itsy bitsy treasures I came away with:

An adorable robins egg blue pepper mill. Can't wait to crack a little fresh pepper from that baby.

One of these sweet numeral mugs...a gift for a sweet friend, perhaps? We shall see...

Blue glass bubble knobs for my bedroom makeover - they will look marvelous on my new wardrobe made by a certain handsome, hairy fairy.

(My poor Mr. B. would absolutely kill me if he knew I were referring to him as a fairy on my public blog. Poor man. Good thing he doesn't read Star-Crossed.)

1 comment:

A.W. said...

i feel the same way, it's a good thing my hubby doesn't read my blog either, some of the stories i tell about him! ;)