Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Nie Nie

If you don't read this blog already, do it now.

You'll get a new, right perspective.

Wordless Wednesday 7

craig fordham

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Welcome Baby Michael!

Michael Aiden was born to his parents, Mr. & Mrs. L. who are Mr. B's brother and sister in law. Which makes me his Auntie! Such a lucky lady I am. (That's two new nephews in the month of April - Spring really is a time for new life!)

Baby Michael joins his big sister, Eliana, to make the L Family a family of four.
He was 7lbs 1 oz and 19 inches long.

Welcome to the family, little Mike!

Real Life Tuesday - 10

Two weeks ago this was the adorable photo for Real Life Tuesday:

"In real life...I would pray for a is enough right now!"
I have to say that I've been experiencing quite the 'baby boom' in the past few months. A good friend of mine just had a baby, my sister-in-law just had her baby two weeks ago, my other sister in law just gave birth to my second nephew (in one month) last night!
I have a plethora of friends in various stages of pregnancy. A couple readers of this blog are coming to the end of their incubation time and a few more have just revealed their newly pregnant status! How's that for a bit of pressure?!
But...I am not trying to tell anyone anything w/ this post full (The only baby I am willing to handle at this point is my nursing school venture.) This is just a post to relate and commiserate with all my expecting buddies.
Without further is this week's photo:
In Your Dreams...

In Real Life...
(how is it really when you're 40 weeks pregnant?)

Monday, April 27, 2009

Lovey Boy

The trip to visit sweet Judah boy, our nephew, was a smashing success. :)

We came, we saw, we fell in love.
It was a quick visit. Not even 24 hours. But just enough to visit the beautiful new family and show our love & support.

My sisterfriend, Jamie, looks like a million bucks. No?

I feel so blessed to be Judah's auntie. He and I are going to be great friends.
And now, I await the call from the new mommy for visit #2. :)
(P.S. Baby fever was averted by a dangerous, narrow margin.)

Pitching Tents

Watch this:

No really, watch it. (On full-screen mode, you have to catch the facial expression.)

You'll love it. You'll crack up.

Did you watch it? You better have!

I first saw this video about 5 years ago. I got to see this guy preach in person this weekend. Unbeknownst to myself, he is the new pastor at my sister-in-law's church in Nashville. When he stepped up on the stage to begin his sermon, Mr. B. and I about died when we realized it was the "Pitch his Tents" guy.

He didn't have any speech 'mishaps' this weekend. Phew!

Pure comedy, I'm tellin' ya.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Gutsy II

Do you see this?

It's been 1o days since my first 'Gutsy' post. I'm down 3 lbs. *insert girly squeal here!*
I'll update you on the inches lost soon...


Mr. B. and I are hopping in the car to road trip down south and meet our new nephew.

Judah Byrd
Born April 13th

If there were a Cloud 10, I'd be on it.

Friday, April 24, 2009

One Word: Curry

My very favorite spice is yellow curry. It is warm and calm and kinda sweet. It is perfect.

Curry, Garlic and Ginger. My top three flavors. Together, they're heaven.

What is your favorite spice/flavor?

Tonight's dinner was Vegetable Curry Quinoa. Please try this sometime. Please, please, please. :)

Here's what I did:

The two major ingredients are quinoa (a grain) and yellow curry sauce both from Trader Joe's. I would put this curry sauce on cream even. It's that good. Mmmmm...

Cook the quinoa as the box directs. (I boiled mine in chicken broth instead of water to give it more flavor.)
Saute vegetables of your choice in olive oil, minced garlic and fresh, grated ginger. I used asparagus, red & yellow peppers, peas and green onions. I also threw in some cashews. Oh baby.
Once the veggies are tender, add in a bunch of the curry sauce and bring it to a simmer.
When it's nice and bubbly and smells like a dream, stir in the quinoa and top with whatever meat/seafood you desire. Chicken, shrimp or beef would be lovely in it. I used tilapia because I'm still on my semi-vegetarian kick and I eat fish at this stage.
Put it all on a bright serving platter and chop some cilantro over the top.
Want proof?

Bon Appetit!

In the Mood For...


Bathing Suit season & smooth, tan thighs. (Yep, I said it.)

Eating salad dinners outdoors.

{pia jane bijkerk}

Luncheons with friends.

Homemade Popsicles.

Tropical Vacation.

Bare feet and sun-kissed cheeks.

Sitting under a shade tree.

Lemon flavored angel food cake.

Ferns hanging from the deck.


Long twilights.

Photos from House Beautiful and Country Living unless otherwise noted.

Frivolous Friday

On Fridays I like to hi light my favorite celebs...

Today? The ickiest celebrities...some of these people...I don't even know why they're famous.

Tila Tequila.
Stephanie Pratt

Shanna Moekler

Perez Hilton
Ew, ew Ick.

Paris Hilton & this joker
Sick. Ick.

The Kardashians
Ugh, ick.

Brooke Hogan
Poor thing. Ick.

1. Apparently there's some sort of Hollywood conspiracy to make stupid people famous.
2. Praise the Lord for this sunny day.

3. 2009 is fantastic so far.
4. Poof! that was it.
5. For too long I've been unhealthy.

6. I am not obsessed with the Internet; I am not!

Thursday, April 23, 2009


Had a gorgeous Earth Day at the Botanical Gardens yesterday. Perfectly perfect.

Monday, April 20, 2009

I Love Being a Girl

I think we said it multiple times on our two day excursion to IKEA, "I love being a girl." With big smiles on our faces. We had such fun talking and shopping and talking and baby-kissing and talking and I think we plumb tuckered ourselves out. I know we tuckered the baby out!
Reason #1 to love being a girl:
IKEA, Starbucks and a good friend are the perfect ingredients for a fabulous day.
Reason #2 to love being a girl:
You can take a 5 hour car-ride and talk using ginormous hand-gestures the entire time.
(and the baby still sleeps in the back seat.)
Reason #3 to love being a girl:
Spending 4+ hours meandering (and sometimes mad-dashing) through a crowded mega-store leaves you tired, achey, hungry and oh-so-happy.
Reason #4 to love being a girl:
You can do this...
('s completely amazing. Isn't Mrs. M. gorgeous?)

Reason #5 to love being a girl:
Reruns of The Holiday and Bridget Jones' Diary in a dark hotel room are the perfect way to cap off a crazy shopping day.

Reason #6 to love being a girl:
You get to coo and giggle and wink at someone like this and not feel silly.

Reason #7 to love being a girl:
The joy of finding the perfect rug in the perfect nautical stripe for your baby's room.

Reason #8 to love being a girl:
A trip to Anthropologie and J. Crew are the perfect toppers of a perfect trip.

Reason #9 to love being a girl:
Baby boys love to snuggle into your neck.

Reason #10 to love being a girl:
You arrive home tired and glowy, ready to kiss your babies and your man.
You promise your girlfriend to 'do this again soon!'

Can ya tell we had fun? :)


Some things I'm learning:

You have to learn to breathe while running.

Running slow and steady is better than fast and staring/stopping.

Losing weight isn't easy. I will never say the words, 'It just melted off!' Never ever.

I must be surrounded with people who encourage and support my mission.

I tend to sabotage myself and feel that I 'deserve' that treat. Not true.

Inches come off before pounds come off.

Medication messes w/ my metabolism. No more meds.

There are no excuses.

Most likely I will not look like this by the time we go to Jamaica (less than six weeks, now) but I can certainly try!

Taking care of myself feels fabulous.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Friday, April 17, 2009

P.S. (Frivolous Friday)

Just an addition to my previous Frivolous Friday post today...
My favorite celebrity couple, Seal and Heidi, are pregnant with #4. :)

Frivolous Friday

The charming Ms. Carrie Underwood appeared on Oprah this week. Can someone get any cuter? Honestly, she's a doll.

She had the best daffodil colored dress on:

And...full length:

And now for...

1. Join me in dreaming of having a waist as small as Carrie's.

2. Put a little giggle in your day!

3. Happiness is being unconditionally loved.

4. Funny and confused.

5. I'm waiting for nothing.

6. Dessert is hard to resist.

And...oh my gosh, this weekend is my roadtrip to IKEAland. Can't stop smiling.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Pillows. Picnic.

Not much time to post due to my wacked out workouts.
But I do want to share this with you.
Join me?

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I made a gutsy move last night. Committed to something - against my better judgement.

Let's go back two years...I had this baby. She was precious and beautiful and everything I thought a little girl should be. She also left me with a completely hideous body. Completely.

I nursed this pink bundle for 14 months and lost nearly all of my 'baby weight' - such a cute name for such an ugly phenomenon. That was a year ago. Let me just say that I did not realize what a fantastic diet nursing is until I stopped. The weight piled on...and piled...and piled.

Until I woke up and there I was: 25 pounds heavier than I have any business being.

This brings me to my gutsy, completely stupid move...My husband challenged me to, "work out my way" (his words) and he guaranteed that I would be into my size 6's in six weeks. That means I would lose about 20 pounds, people.

That's a mighty large claim. But he's Mr. B. he doesn't do small or even medium he only does BIG.

Most likely, at another moment in time, I would not have given this idea another thought. You see, following his direction, especially in working out, does not do good things to our relationship. To be completely real, he makes me hate him. Hate. He makes me want to gouge his eyes out and knock the big grin off his stinkin' face. See? It's bad.

The only reason I considered it is because I've tried it all. I've tried my way...and it didn't work. So I'm going his way.

I committed. He grinned. His eyes sparkled. I promptly felt nauseous.

Here is my before photo. Taken on Easter day. A bit plump, wouldn't you say? Wait...don't say...

I will not be the girl uploading half nakey pictures of myself to show my dramatic weight loss, that's why I'm decently clothed here. I also used this photo because I want to remember how much I used to love Mr. B. And what he looked like with his eyes and smile still intact.
A brief synopsis of my program:
AM: 30 minutes StairMaster
Noon: 3.7 mile run/walk or Elliptical Machine
PM: 40 + minutes Weight Training
Diet: Nothing yummy. Nothing.
Another thing I will not be doing: disclosing my weight. I will tell you how much I've lost, but as for the actual number I see on the scale every morning? Nada. I might threaten bodily harm to my husband but I'm still a lady!

P.S. Any encouragement you have in the from of comments will be greatly appreciated. :)