Monday, March 2, 2009

The London Tea Room & English Living

1. London Tea Room, 2. London Tea Room, 3. London Tea Room, 4. I am a teapot

A weekend celebration of mom's birthday took us into the city. Our destination? The London Tea Room and English Living. If you're ever in this city, take an afternoon to explore these uk delights. You will not be disappointed.
The Blueberry Rooibus tea and cranberry orange scone with clotted cream and jam delighted our little taste buds.

The eclectic collection of dishes are really sweet. Nothing matches and anything goes.

Mrs. B. and sister.
This itty bitty Sanpellegrino bottle has been re-purposed into a bud vase and sits on my bookshelves. Much too cute to throw in the recycle bin.

As for the shopping portion of our trip; we made our way through the airy shop that adjoins The London Tea Room and found ourselves some goodies. We only bough the small ones and tucked the big ones away in our memories to chase after some other time.
Sister loved this green/cream damask chair. Said she must have it.
My favorites were the turquoise-y painted dresser and this robin's egg blue couch with great big medallions on the fabric.

A look at my shelves all decked out in their bookish glory is coming up soon!


[not the] Best Blog Ever said...

Delightful! I also love the turquoise dresser - in fact, I know JUST where it could go in my house! :)

Thanks for sharing the goodies...

Tina said...

looks like you girls had a fabulous day! the tea shop looks so pretty with those dishes and scones!

Rae Nolt said...

Mrs. B...

LOVE LOVE LOVE! Oh my word. What a grand day for you! How fun! If I'm ever in your town...You will find me there!

Anonymous said...

thanks to my girls for a wonderful lunch...except for your stinky cheese salad! Now we must go again and order it right.
Lets find that 50,000 in the "abandoned car" and go to buy all new furniture here for ourselves!

LeS said...

Hello Mrs. B! Thank you for stopping by my blog today and commenting. I can't seem to find your email address anywhere so I will give you "your letter" right here...your letter is N. Let me know when you've done the post so I can read it yes?

(and, mmmm, London and scones and tea and clotted cream and...mmmm!)

Flash Poker said...

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