Thursday, March 12, 2009

Lessons Learned

  • you can marry the right man at the tender age of 20.

photo by joe mikos

  • it is probably better if I don't rely on coffee to wake me up in the mornings.

  • it is good to have fresh flowers in the house.

  • image from velvet & linen

  • potty training is a hard, long process.

  • when it comes to friendships, it is worth it to put in all of yourself. maybe you'll get hurt, maybe you wont ~ but if you give it everything you've got the pleasures will far out weigh the pain.

  • photo by wild retreat

  • being outdoors really is good for you.

  • bloom where you are planted.

  • PMS is real and it stinks

  • kids are simply a reflection of their parents.

  • exercise really does make you feel better.

  • i really like clothes and a pretty house.

  • God is always, always faithful.


Blair said...

Thanks for these. One especially spoke to the day that I'm having. Thanks! : )

Mrs.M said...

I loved this. Especially finding love at the age of 20. I found it at the age of 18. We are blessed. Very, truly, blessed.

Katie said...

Love this. LOVE this!

Laura said...

New Zealand calls you too...."Aaaaaaashleeeeeey"....see? "Aaaaaaaaashleeeeey"

Do you hear that? Dang. You'd better get here fast. But if not, I'll see you in France.... soon. ;)