Saturday, March 28, 2009

Just One?

Reading the blog, {Pure Style Home} (one of my faves) I came across a little something...

Find one photo that sums up my style.

I found this photo a few months ago and knew this was the one I would use. It brings me to a relaxed, sparkly state of mind. Restful and alert at the same moment.

My style, in one photo:

Isn't that a dream? I actually named this file "dream" in my inspiration files on my computer.
Love it so much.
The love starts here:
The chandelier. It goes without saying, it's perfect, especially with the rustic brick wall as a backdrop. Dripping with juxtaposed glam.
See the sweet old-fashioned seat at the foot of the cozy bed? Just right.
The nightstands are sagey green and distressed. Adding a bit of color but keeping with the worn feel of the room.
And those linens on the bed. Drippy lace and white cotton. Mmmm...nap time.

The masterpiece of the room is this brick wall. It forms a natural headboard for the bed in its design. So gorgeous.

So there it is! My style.
If you've got a photo floating around in your files, you are officially tagged to play along. Be sure to leave me a comment so I can visit your blog and see your inspiration.

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Alicia Marie said...

Cute! Love the exposed brick. I posted a little bit...but nothing to exciting... I really just wanted to see what other photos people came up with :)