Thursday, March 12, 2009

Going Gray

Confession: My bedroom is ugly.
Just so ugly.
There is not enough storage, the walls are bare white, there is no headboard for our massive bed.
It's so not cute. It's getting a makeover.
Here's something you must keep in mind about 'The B's', we are slow. Sluggish, turtle-like. So this makeover will take quite a bit of time. You cannot expect some amazing turn-around in 48 hours from me. I am not that blogger.
Here's the plan:
A fresh coat of paint: gray.
Mr. B. builds a storage unit. (Oh my...)
Linens get a face lift.
Some furniture gets painted.
That's about it...maybe more, maybe less. But I wanted to share some inspiration photos with you and get a bit of feedback.

Here's what I'm loving for a color palate:
photography by adrian briscoe

Amazing, right? Steel grey, whites, creams and a bit of beige for warmth. Are you feelin' it?

photography by tongue in cheek

image from domino

I like the pops of black in this domino photo. Something to think about...


photography by tongue in cheek
This bathroom done by Tongue in Cheek (a blog you must visit) makes me positively giddy. The grey walls are textured in a lovely way, the claw foot tub (a few photos up) is deep and luxurious; but this chair. This chair!

That pop of blue in the otherwise neutral surroundings is pure genius.

Note to self: must find some blue accents.

image via coco + kelley

Here's another gray/neutral room with pops of bright color. I really like it. You?

image from airspace

This post began with a confession, it shall end with a disclaimer.

Disclaimer: Do not expect this project to be finished in the next 3-5 months. We will work on it. We will slave away. I will post updates and photos of the finished product but remember we are sloths around here, not endlessly energetic crazy-people.

What do you think of the color scheme?


Jamie Willow said...

I like the color palate...especially with the blue accents. it warms it up I think. fun!

Rae Nolt said...

I love the blue! Gives it just the pop it needs. When we buy our 1st house I'm going to hire you to come help me! :)

Side note...I played your little game of 6th picture. Check it out!

Blair said...

I definitely agree with the blue accents! I think they'll take a gray room from dreary to dreamy. I love the "unknown" picture of the bedside table, too. Good luck! And enjoy at your own pace (that's how I roll too!) : )

Lyndee said...

Oh gee I have been going grey for years. I like red accents but sometimes I go for white or nearly black. I think you should see what grey looks like when it is all messed know a bad day with sick kids in the glam bed and those pretty pillows with pearls on the floor. If it still appeals go for it!

Katie said...

I love the colors you're going for, and I love the pops of black. The blue is nice too, but I just think black is the most classic and timeless color of all. My whole house is neutral and black because I feel like it will never go out of style. Either way, you've got auh-mazing taste, I can't wait to see it done, whenever that may be! I hope you enjoy your redecorating! I love this stuff! I'm sad I have nothing left in my home to do...except maybe Audrey's room at the end of this year when it goes from baby to kid. Yikes!