Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Confessions of a Laundry Room Slacker

Oh laundry! The bane of my existence. I have a couple of potty training toddlers (yes! Beck is going on the potty) and there is lots of laundry floating around this house. Lots of dirty laundry, let's just be real here.
Why, might you ask, do you have so much disgusting laundry?
Because, my dears, my laundry room looks absolutely nothing like these gems I've provided for you here.

martha stewart

No windows.
Limited plywood shelving. Doorless.
Concrete flooring.
Wood beams exposed - not in a pretty way.
Water heater and A/C units.
Ugly. Dark. Unpleasant.

Just wanted to share some of the laundry room inspiration I've got floating around my photo files.
Which inspires you?

Another question: Do you have any tips for me to get my laundry life on track?
Tricks? Routines? Live-In-Maids?

country living

I'm loving this laundry room that Jen from the sweet blog The Cottage Nest shared.
She just renovated it and it is fantastic.
This is the perfect paint color...

{the cottage nest}

{the cottage nest}

What works for you, ladies?


Kim said...

I'm in the same boat that you are - maybe worse. The clothes start on the third floor and stay there until one of us decides that we need something cleaned. Then we toss it all down the stairs to the basement. It is done in the laundry room which doubles as a storage room - concrete floor too. When it is dry we bring it up to the main floor (second floor) where the item that was needed is plucked from it and the rest sit until one of us gets tired of it sitting there and decides to fold it. Once it is folded it sits in a basket at the bottom of the stairs until I can convince Chuck that it is just oh so heavy and he should take it upstairs! Then it sits in the basket for another couple days and is eventually put away. By that time it usually needs to be done again! Oh, and the socks are a whole other story!

Rae Nolt said...

Oh...Yes. I can soooo relate. Sad to say. But I can. Rumor has it, you need to do ONE load everyday and that will help. I am not that organized to do that. But I do hear it helps. PLUS, I also hear that sorting your laundry when you take them off helps too.

I think if I had ANY of those rooms laundry would be so much fun...

The Arnold Family said...

Doing my laundry based on days. And if I fall behind, it helps me catch up. We keep no baskets in the rooms, they all are in the laundry room. One catches adult clothes, one catches kid clothes, one catches towels (also wash clothes and bibs), one catches hots (like sheets and work t shirts), one catches undies and socks, and one catches uniforms.It is all pre-sorted and waiting for me so I don't have to lug it into the laundry room.

Monday: Socks and Undies

Tuesday: Adults; and every other week I do kids. Although, every Tuesday I do wash all their jeans and blankets, and leave everything else to the every other Tuesday.

Wednesday: Towels, wash clothes, bibs, and receiving blankets-all one load.

Thursday: Uniforms.

Friday: Sheets, pillow cases, dirty work shirts- all one load.

Everything else as needed.

And if I skip a day, then I just know where I left off and what needs to go next. And if you do it everyday like that, then the loads are always small.

And yes, I struggle with getting it done. And I fall behind. But with this system it isn't overwhelming to get caught up.

And I hate having to put things away in multiple rooms. So it is just one room a day (except the kids days).

Thats my two cents!

Mrs.M said...

Not opening the laundry room door works for me. Until I have NOTHING to wear that is. ;)

Alicia Marie said...

My washer/dryer is in my kitchen...not cool.I would kill for a place besides my kitchen counters to fold it.
My husdband doing the laundry is the only way i like to do it! :)

Mrs. B. said...

Jordan - that's fantastic! Thank you so are very organized and efficient, it sounds like.
I guess you have to be with 4+ children. :)

Saundra said...

How about putting a perm. marker color dot on the tag of their clothes, match it by attaching a colored card to the basket it should go into, and have the kids put their clothes in the correct one. As they get older, they can help fold towels on the livingroom floor and carry small stacks of folded clothes to the correct room. At least it gets there for you to put away. My kids learned to do laundry early on.

Ani said...

i stopped sorting the laundry (for the most part) and i just pile it in now. sure there is the occassional casualty but for the most part everything is clean...put away is a whole differnt story! AND a solution for all those orpahn socks? i got this from one of my postpartum clients - all socks go into one basket and whatever is not matched up by the end of the week (and you KNOW somebody isn't hiding out) they get pitched....or sit in the basket for a lifetime, your choice. i love the sock basket...i also love my clothesline...

Kim said...

I recently graduated to two sock baskets!

The Arnold Family said...

Also, I wash every clothes item in cold, regardless of tag. 2+ years and the clothes still look great. The rest get washed in hots. But without having to sort by color and temp., you can get it done in one easy load. And you can pretty much tell which one of your items need to be hung dry or what not. Saves so much time!

Kayla said...

Just be thankful for working machines! I have been living with a broken washer for a week...the repair man ordered the parts and now we wait...thank goodness for maintenance plans!

Rae Nolt said...

I have been inspired from The Arnold family to keep up better with my laundry! I do have ONE more question...How does the clothes from upstairs get to the baskets in the Lan. room? I'm liking your idea!!!!

Thanks for sharing!

Sarah said...

Ugh. I want a pretty laundry room! That would make things much more enjoyable. Beadboard, white paint, a bright window.... ahhhh.

gina said...

First to get you into the laundry room you need to put up pretty and happy WALLPAPER.
second promise yourself to do at least one load a day that is wash, dry and fold. that's what I do with 4 girls I would have laundry up to my eyeballs if I didn't do at least one load a day. with beautiful walls what's not to love above hanging out in the laundry room for a little while?