Sunday, March 22, 2009

Babies in Nashville

The first thing I thought when I found out my sister in law, Mrs. L., was pregnant was, "I get to throw a shower!" Really, a bit self-centered, I admit. Be assured, my next thought was of excitement for the new family-to-be.

Mrs. L. is due to have my first nephew in less than three weeks so it was quite time for said shower. My Aunt threw a shower for me a few years ago and hung sweet boy layette from the ceiling with was adorable. I knew I wanted to do it for Mr. & Mrs. L. too.

I made this ah-maz-ing cake from none other than Ina. It was quite moist and delish. Try it.

This is a pic of my shower hostess control desk. I love having control.


Miss Evie enjoyed her "girls only" weekend immensely. She pranced around Auntie's house with her Baby Lulu, wearing a party dress and imagining the baby's awaiting nursery was her baby's room.
Speaking of Baby's room, here it is...adorable.
The mother-to-be was glowy and precious and absolutely adorable. Really. She's had a tough time of this pregnancy and she has admitted to feeling less than lovely, but she looked the picture of pregnant bliss...when she was grimacing in pain. I love that girl.

So, we had a shower, and then came the donuts. Oh...the donuts.

We were painfully sidetracked from our impending pedicures by this wonderful donut shop that drew us in with a flash of its vintage, neon sign.

To make our pedi appointment we had to bypass the donut shop and return after the scrubby, buffery, massage chairy, nail polishy goodness of pedicures. I like donuts with sprinkles - pink ones - so that's what I got.

See Mrs. L. with the hand on her belly? Utter sweetness. Completely precious. I told you. Long-time friend, Heidi, is on the other side quite enjoying her toesies getting pampered.

And then we drove down the main drag in Nashville to get a pregnant girl's fill of the party scene. We were quite satisfied with taking photos from the car windows and heading home to climb into our jammies, pour some milk (for sprinkie donuts) and watch Clean Sweep.

Do you know how blessed I feel to have such a friend in my sister in law? Blessed. Very, very blessed.
(I'll have to wait to fill you in on the greatness of my other sister in law...I don't want to make you jealous or anything...)


gina said...

Sounds like you are having a great time donuts and pedicures and babies how wonderful!

Katie said...

I love you, Ashley you have a beautiful way with words, and I think Jamie is equally as lucky to have you, as you are to have her. And dang it, I'm jealous! :)

So happy you enjoyed your girls weekend! Jamie looks amazing pregnant, so beautiful! And Evie? Adorable, as usual!

[not the] Best Blog Ever said...

Ah, so fun! Thx for recapping and sharing. I'll have to go check Jamie's blog, too!

p.s. And now THIS prego lady is hungry for donuts! On the hunt... :)


The Arnold Family said...

Aww that looks like it was so much fun. How blessed you two are to have each other.

Jamie Willow said...

you got some great pictures, send em my way sometime k? :) love! miss you!