Thursday, March 26, 2009


I want to go to Paris. Don't you?

Take a long gander at these photos of people on Parisian streets and tell me how you feel about them. These people are fabulous and interesting and...wonderful.

Caution: Don't scroll down too fast. You might miss some splendid French Fashion.

Don't usually love booties. But these? I could do.
The bag/scarf/beret are lovely.

This woman is quintessential Paris.
The haircut, the soft leather pants, the blousy shirt...

She has stepped out in her jammies.
Never were they so sleek.
Would like to get a crusty french loaf and cafe au lait with her.

Here she is; one of my favorites of the bunch.
No explanation needed.

Ah...Mr. Fashion himself.
He looks quite handsome, don't you think?

The glasses. The hat. The nubbly coat.
That bag. The length of coat and dress.
The shoes. (booties again, that I would do.)
All of it. Another fave.

Isn't he interesting? Love his boots and plaid cardigan.
Mr. B. would
love to grow a beard like this.
I wouldn't like it. Let's not show him this post, m'kay?

All right, I think I need to do something very unparisian here...
I need to pinch her cheeks.
She's too cute.

Here's another cute one.
Why do outrageous combos like hot pink socks and
navy blue peep-toes work in places like Paris?
Maybe it's her fabulous coat. I mean really, people.

Here's another guy who's shoes I love.
His hair is interesting - shaved on the sides and long on top/back.
My little brother just got this hair cut...I suppose he's very fashion forward.
Ugh, did I just say that?

She looks happy and smart. I like her.

She looks moody and elegant. I like her too.

I am studying every bit of this photo. It's in my top 2 of the group.
She is drop dead marvelous.
Her outfit is wonderful (that coat,
See her teeth? Love them.

I like her because...well...she's interesting.
I want to know her story.
Let's start with why she turned her hair iridescent turquoise.
Quite nice, really.

Now this woman looks a little unapproachable - how do you
do that in yellow?
But she's still dressed fabulously, so I forgive her.

Isn't she sweet?
I want her dress.
Want it, want it, want it.

Oh la la...
Here's another classic Paris girl.
You could peg her in the city of lights in no time.

She's rockin' the school girl (or is it boy?) look.
She's doing it nice justice. The ankle pants, the white socks, the shoesies.

Here's another feathery number.
Fringe bangs look natural on we go with another amazing jacket.
(Note to self:
when you visit Paris wear a stop-dead-in-your-tracks-gorgeous-jacket.)

And, I've saved my favorite for last.
She looks a bit LA to me (maybe its the cell phone and diva hand?)
but she's still perfect and chic.
Loving her pink/grey/splash of yellow ensemble.
And the bag? Yes, please.
Her hair is wonderful.
Her glasses are divine.
She's quite gorgeous.
Yes, I think I should like to be her for a day.

So what do you think? Do you share any of my favorites? You wanna go to Paris too? You wanna spend immense amounts on your clothes and get photographed and blogged about? ;)
Just a visit to Paris will do for me...
All of these jaw-dropping photos came from the great blog {The Sartorialist}. Visit for more fashion inspiration from cities all over the globe.
Maybe we'll visit Milan or NYC next time...are you in?


alli said... should put more of your writing on here!!!
i miss it! would be an adventure :)
love ya.

Laura said...

We will go and you will love it. I promise. It is as amazing as you believe it is. Maybe more.... not sure how that's possible, because I've gathered that you have a bit of an obsession with all this parisian, but it is magical and you belong there. I can't wait until we actually go!!!!! (I miss it)

Sarah said...

What a great post! I had so fun much looking at all the photos... I would visit in a heartbeat.