Monday, March 16, 2009

2 Weeks Clean

Trying my hand at vegetarianism. I'm really loving it.

photo from susie {flickr}

Let us make it clear that girlfriend has not gone all vegan on you. Just mild vegetarian. No chicken, no red meat, no pork. Mostly veggies/fruits and grains. I still do a bit of cheese, digging into the fish, I'm loving eggs and let's just say sushi-ism should be it's very own category (l.o.v.e. the sushi).

It makes me feel lighter, healthier...kinda like this:

photography by emma freemantle

...except with red hair. ;)


StephG said...

I love sushi!!!! Yummy!

My sister and I were thinking of going raw for a while. Not completely because we still love cooked food. Maybe 50/50 or something like that!

Right now were doing the 7 day Green Smoothie Challenge and it feels so good!

Andrea said...

sounds awesome! i'd love to hear more about it. what do your meal plans look like? and do you make something different for the kiddoes & Mr. B, or do you all eat the same?