Tuesday, December 16, 2008

This Time of Year

I sit here, sheltered from the snow with my tea and french truffles...I'm thinking about Evie's birthday. She'll be two tomorrow.

I've had such a marvelous time (truly, marvelous) getting to know this little lady. Evie loves baby dolls. So much, in fact, that she mustered up the guts to request one from "Grandpa Closet" for Christmas.

Evie loves chocolate and lip gloss and things that are pink and soft. Evie loves books and snuggling and when I sing to her before bed. Evie loves to pray before each meal and she loves to bake in her toy kitchen. Evie loves her Uncle Bren and her puppy, Teddy, and dancing to Christmas music. Evie loves to love.

Happy Birthday, little one.

Santa likes to leave hidden presents at my house.

Today, I spotted a package wrapped with love and stuffed - untidily - in the Christmas tree. My first thought was, "those kids!" And then I realized this was a gift for me, with a tag that read, "Ashley, Open whenever you find me."

Grinning from ear to ear, I tore the packaging and found a new camera. This one:

Sony Cyber-shot T300

The one my sweet sister, Jamie has and I love love love. The battery is charging as we speak and I've already read the manual like a novel. Why do they give you a dead battery? Now I have to wait to play with it! It suspense is killing me.

I love Santa.

Charleston, S.C.

We're going to be in S. Carolina in a week. We leave the day after Christmas. I am really anticipating this trip. Old fashioned Christmas/New Years, here we come!

The reason I'm covering all my bases, so to speak, is because we're sending our bandaged-up lap top to the "Computer Dr." this month. We figured with the busyness of the Holidays and the break in school (yes, I finished the semester yesterday!) we wouldn't miss it much over Christmas/New Years.

So I wont be blogging much this month. Maybe a pop-in here and there but mostly silence.

I am wishing you the sweetest Christmas and a perfect, clean start to the New Year. Kisses and hugs to you and yours!

It's time for 2009!


The Arnold Family said...

Happy birthday Evie! Maybe your two's won't be so terrible!

LOVE the camera. How awesome is the way you found it? So much fun!

Have fun while you are gone! We'll see ya when you get back.

Kim said...

Congratulations on the new camera...now you wont be teased about tape.
And happy birthday to little Evie!!

Jennalu said...

Sweet picture of babe with clock!