Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Their Days Are Numbered

Diapers, that is.

Disposable diapers were a fabulous invention. So convenient. So quick. Maybe a bit bad for the environment but stinkin' great nonetheless (forgive the pun).

Diapers have slowly gone from Mommy's Best Friend to The Bane of Mommy's Existence in the past three years. How much money have we spent in this span of time? Two kids, 5 diapers each per day, 365 days x 3. At roughly 60 cents apiece that is a loooot of money.

Not to mention my mental stability. You can only hold it together for so long in the midst of wiping someone else's excrement from their body. Really.

It has gotten to the point of breakdown every time I hear, "Mommy...I poop."

Breakdown, people.

So, we have 25 days until our vacation. 25 days of potty every 20 minutes (I have a special "potty timer"). 25 days of accidents on the floor. 25 days of mini-undies. 25 days of potty cheers, songs, charts, stickers, candies and dances. 25 days. 25. Two. Five.

I want both kids out of diapers. Too much to ask? I think not.


**Update: An hour and a half later.
Accidents on the floor: 2 (per Evie)
Deposits in the potty: 0


Tracy said...

I'm not sure how it works but my SIL did a 3 day potty bootcamp with my niece. 3 days and she was completely potty trained! Maybe it will be as easy for you! Fingers crossed!

Jamie Willow said...

with determination and consistency and lots of stickers you might stand a chance :) good luck!

Maegan said...

You can do it! I long for the day that I dont have to buy diapers...
Jackson has already shown some interest but its not consistent. But I do ask him allllllll the time.

p.s. glad I am not the only one that does a poopoo dance.

StephG said...

ohhhh...I will pray! I have to go through that with Caleb. He'll be 3 on the 14th and I'm ready! I just have to keep taking him to the potty and/or let him run around diaperless...I'll be thinking of you!!!!

25 days...plenty of time!!!

Sarah said...

Oh, I will be thinking of you! My two oldest are trained, my boy MUCH harder than my girl! You have some great ideas :) Good luck, and I hope not much potty on the floor for you~

bethany said...

We tried three times and it was horrid. I knew he could do it and I didn't want to admit failure. Really though, we just quit pushing it and then all of the sudden, seriously he just wanted to and he has only had about 2 accidents in 2 years!

I fully recommend waiting until they are ready, potty training is a skill, there are many factors that have to be ready in order for them to master it.

This time we are waiting, not pushing it...diapers suck, but poo and pee all over is much worse, plus the pressure that puts on everyone.

Jennalu said...

Hey Ashley! Jenna here! I really enjoyed your blogs about potty training! They're great!

Blessings and prayers!