Tuesday, December 2, 2008


If you haven't read my previous "Days are numbered" post go here...I'll wait.

Okay, things did not go as planned. In fact, I failed miserably.

Beck pee'd in his chair during lunch. Evie pee'd the floor. Twice. Beck held his potties until I put diapers on for nap and bedtime and then did his business.

I'm doomed.

And I'm headed to the crazy house...just in case you want to send me a Christmas card, that's where I'll be.


Jamie Willow said...

oh man! wish I had some help to offer. I am guessing you are trying the naked thing? or just no diapers...? I've heard if you keep them completely naked and there's nothing to soak it up they are more likely to go on the potty. i've heard cheerio's in the potty for boys to aim at. I've heard that most kids are trained by the time they go to kindergarten :-)~
whatever ends up working make sure you remind me when it's my turn!

Kayla said...

Don't give up! They have to pee on themselves to get the idea of what the "urge" is like. Keep them on hard floors - not carpet. Have a "mommy time out" go to the dollar spot at Target and buy some fun little toys - candy - whatever they like...throw your purchases and some coins in a bag and everytime they go on the potty let them pick something out...after they get the hang of it you can change it to "everytime they go all day without at accident" they get something (otherwise it will get kind of expensive). Turn into a school lesson and talk about it...why we wash our hands...why we wear underwear...that mommy and daddy do it....get a little bear a potty and demo it. You've got the potty timer! I know you can do it!

Here is a fun and silly book:
On Top of the Potty : And Other Get-Up-and-Go Songs
by Alan Katz, David Catrow (Illustrator)

Kayla said...

oh...you could also do the cloth underwear with the washable rubber protectors over them...this will still let them feel the wetness and they won't want to be in it and it will help you contain the mess....if you used this at nap time once or twice Beck wouldn't save his potty for nap time.

Bethany Patrice said...

I feel your pain. I am in the process of trying to potty train my 2 1/2 year old and he is having none of it. He could walk around wet and dirty all day. I'm going to give it a break for a while. Hopefully he'll be out of diapers before college.

I pray that the potty thing takes and that your kiddies cooperate! I know what your asking Santa for :)

StephG said...

I'm running into the same issue with potty training Caleb. He has an accident and then realizes he went on the floor. We just lead him to the potty and have him sit for a few minutes (just in case). Plus, he'll learn he needs to actually put the potty IN the potty.

I'm sorry it was a rough day. Potty training is always...ummm...interesting? I have to let him run around naked or it won't happen.

I need to do what Kate did (Jon & Kate plus 8). 1 week...at home...no appointments or places to go...limit drinks....sit on the potty until they go (give them drinks while on the potty to help it out a bit).

I'll be thinking of you!!!!