Thursday, December 11, 2008


The incredible health we've enjoyed this year. God knows what this mommy can handle and He didn't give me any extras.

The sweet friends that I've met online. Who knew the internet could be a place to meet such fantastic, un-strange people?

This man in my life who cares about the future of our family and take a proactive role in training and guiding our children.

This same man who loves me for all my crazy faults and even finds them endearing...sometimes.

Evie's incredibly cute buns in Minnie Mouse undies.

Friends who love me and take pleasure in showing me how much - Martha Stewart nesting bowls, biscotti and coffee in the mail, making room for myself and my children in their days and in their hearts.

Mom and Dad living a perfect distance away and the route to their house being uncannily like the poem, "Over the River and through the Woods..."

The Mondays spent with Grandma that my kids treasure so much.
My in-laws who really are quite nutty but who I love with a kind of alarming devotion.
My sweet little coffee/tea station.

The yellow glow a lit Christmas tree can give the family room.

Children's books that make you want to hunker down with a blankie on the couch and read, read, read all afternoon.

Fresh baked biscotti and Mexican wedding cookies with coffee for breakfast.

Tangerine season.

Warm, wooly socks with leggings. and - without these where would I waste all my internet time?

Beck playing imaginary Nativity.
The promise of a new beginning in 2009.
Vacation looming on the snowy horizon.
Holiday parties with dear friends.
Christmassy books.


Lyndee said...

No, you're sweet!
Love you oodles and oodles!
I decorated the tree today. Little white one with gold and red decorations and sitting up on the island. Sigh. Contented sigh. A day of working my tail feathers off but now am going to Madcity to work. P.W is going along to talk my ear off and keep me perky. Her loverboy is coming to pick her up and they will go to his place and decorate their first tree together. Gush! I have been sick with a cold and sneezing too. Chicken soup is called for and I will make it on Saturday and watch a movie just to celebrate the season. Blessings

Sarah said...

How precious is Beck, I take it he is Mary, maybe a shepherd? Seriously, too cute! And I too, love buns (toddler ones that is) in undies! Great thoughts!

Saundra said...

I love Beck's headpiece, actually, I have photos of Kim and Laura doing a Christmas skit at church with make-do headpieces just like that! I think they stole dish towels out of the church kitchen. It was hilarious, they were probably junior high. I wish I could share them but they are packed away in a box trailer right now.

Lj said...

That post made me cry. I miss you.

StephG said...

You should find me on Facebook :)