Saturday, October 25, 2008

Token Fall Photos

Everyone's doing it.
Photos of our fun Fall day in the country:

Learning the art of sharing.
Very elusive; making it all that more touching when captured.
Homestead nestled in the hills.
"Ooof. Heavy, Mama!"

Beck feeds the goats.
Beck gets finger bit by the goats.
I feed a baby goat.
I decide I would love to own a goat someday...

The tractor goes "bump, bump."
Evie holds on for dear life.

Beck with his pumpkin/apple.
Thinking he's a grown up.

Precious Fall.


Kayla said...

WAHOO!!!! You're BACK!!! Look at those cute kids of yours...what a fun day!

Lance said...

This is a special as any blog post that I have ever read. Keep up the great imaginary and sharing the precious glimpses of your lives.

Jamie Willow said...

love those babies :) they are getting so big! precious

Lyndee said...

I miss you even more in the fall!
Love you like fields of pumpkins...more and more every year.

Sarah said...

Adorable. I love fall photos :)

Alicia said...

GREAT photos! Did you use anything to edit them? Great coloring and composition..makes me want to take the little man to a pumpkin patch!