Friday, October 31, 2008


Marcie. The most upbeat woman I know. Marcie loved fashion and parties and talking with the girls. Marcie loved God and learning things about Him. Marcie loved wondering. Marcie threw candle parties and chocolate parties and jewelry parties and spa parties.
She could make an event out of anything. Grand, majestic mountains out of mole-hills.
She wasn't presumptuous or judgemental. She wasn't false or haughty. Humble, caring, joy-filled. Understanding, gracious, funny.
She was a go-getter. A shopper. A reader. She loved shiny, vibrant things. She loved good food - she once requested that a blind date take her to the most extravagant restaurant she could think of...we gave her a hard time but loved her for it. She knew what she wanted.
Marcie didn't have a nurturing family. Her mother died when she was young. She had no husband or children. But she was the most loved.
I loved her almost instantly when we met. There was no way not to. She smiled and asked about me. She welcomed me. She opened herself up. She was different in the most delightful way. She crept in my heart and stayed there. I found myself thinking about her; praying for her.
Her friends are fiercely loyal. Wholly loving. Sacrificing to the point of nothingness. Because she's loved. There is no other way to feel about her. None.
I only knew her for 18 months. A short time. She will be with me until my last breath. Her faith. Her strength. Her belief. Her unwavering conviction.
Marcie was diabetic. She had a gastric pace-maker. Her pancreas was not functioning. She had issues with her skin. Her vision was severely impaired. She couldn't drive and was reliant on others to go outside of her apartment.
During the time that the little vision she had would completely blackout, she was positive. Sad, but positive.
When Marcie was confronted with the news that she needed a kidney transplant {hers was failing at the age of 35} she told us and in the next breath said, "I will be a testimony through this situation. No matter what, I will keep positive and show others what God needs them to see through me."
She knew there was a reason. She didn't understand what it was. But that didn't serve to hinder her faith. She was sure of what she hoped for and certain of the things unseen.
A few weeks ago, the night I found out about her kidney failure, I was eating dinner with her. She ordered the most unusual thing on the menu. She told me she had three people lined up to give her their kidneys. Three! In a matter of 24 hours three friends had offered to give her that gift. I was tempted to throw mine into the pot if I thought it would help. I would have...if she'd needed. I would have...
Marcie died yesterday. Even typing the words is hard and I almost can't make my fingers do it.
Marcie died yesterday. She died. Marcie. Marcie.
Her best friend found her peacefully asleep. We don't know how it happened. But it did. We don't know why. We don't know. Don't know.
painting by klumpke

Pumpkin Day

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Peas In A Pod

I've always wanted a pea pod necklace. A sort of little nod to Beck and Evie. You know, "two peas in a pod?"
So, I finally found the perfect piece.

It's by jewelry designer Michael Michaud.He makes molds from actual plants and then creates his jewelry from there. Cool, right?

There are two sweet little freshwater pearls nestled in the green bronze pod. One for Beck; one for Evie.
Dainty, unique, sentimental. Exactly what I was looking for.
Here are a few of his other designs:

Babies at Home

I've had some vacation guesses...none of them are correct (yet) but we've narrowed down that we're going South. Not New Orleans or anywhere in Texas. Keep the guesses coming!

Clue # 2:
Mr. B. and I went here a few Summers ago for our final pre-baby vacation. I was 8 months pregnant with Beck. We had a fantastic time. Well...I had a fantastic time...the shopping was fabulous!

Photo Clue:
We'll be walking on this very beach on New Year's Eve.

Happy Halloween.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A Guessing Game

V A Y C A y-sf

Vacation. I adore vacation. I realize that most people do. Actually I don't think I've met a soul that doesn't enjoy vacation. But its been awhile for me so I believe that I love vacation more than most of you do at this point. Absence does make the heart grow fonder...
Our vacation is planned for the year. Here are the specs:

Who: The 4 B's, my parents and brother and sister, my mom's parents, my mom's sisters and their families. That's over 20 people.

What: Christmas Vacation to celebrate Gram and Gramps 50th anniversary!

Where: ...

When: December 27-January 2

So we've established that I love vacation; but I also love a good game. Combining the two? Perfection!, my faithful few, will be guessing my Christmas vacation destination. (And if you happen to already know where I'm going, you are cordially uninvited to play this game. No fair!)
I'll give you some clues within the next few days. Progressively getting harder. If you win you get...kudos! Big fat kudos! (Sorry, I'm saving up for vacation.)

Clue # 1:

The locals may be caught with a "y'all" or two escaping their lips.

Photo Clue:

This game requires audience participation, so comment away!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

26 Wishes - # 2

Miss. Erma

Miss Lola

Ms. Lula Rose

Do you see these pretty hair pieces? Do you see them??

They're perfect. I love them. They're my 2nd wish.

They are made by Oh My Deer Handmades (links above) and they run about $30 a piece. Also, because they're handmade, there are very limited quantities of them. So I think they're all sold out.

Notice a sweet detail: they all have names. Miss Lola, Miss Erma, Miss Lula Rose, Miss Lucille, Miss Nina Lee...

But my oh my, are they just beautimous!

26 Wishes - #1

26 years is coming upon me in a matter of a month. November 30th is my birthday and I have wishes...
Wishes that will undoubtedly be left unfulfilled, but wishes nonetheless.

This little series of posts, 26 Wishes, is going to feature 26 things I want. Expensive things, simple things, pretty things, useful things, cheap things, silly things. Anythings.
Let's be clear here: I am not asking anyone in my family to buy me these things. This is not a birthday/Christmas's just dreaming. Don't feel obliged. Although, if you absolutely cannot sleep at night until you buy me one of these little beauties, I will accept.

Without further's my first wish:

This little gadget is a digital book reader. It holds 200 books (with a memory card it can hold up to 4,000). It runs $350 on the site.
I can't say whether I'd miss the old fashioned romance of turning a book's pages or the new book smell or even just the weighty feel of a hardback in my hands...but this sure would be convenient!
Oprah just touted the Kindle on her show last week and she said a few things that sold me right away. On vacation I take so. many. books. A serious book, a funny book, a spiritual book, a Bible, a self-help book, a memoir...on and on. You just don't know what you'll be in the mood for. Instead of taking my whole library, I could take the Kindle. Fab.
Also, it saves paper. Now, I'm not what you'd call a tree-hugger. I use disposable diapers and recycle when I remember. But I do think it would be nice to know that I'm helping a little in the preservation of my God's creation.
The books are cheaper. Like $ 10 per book. You are still sacrificing the pleasures of having a real, live book in your hands...but every perk has it's down side.
Anyway, that's it. Wish # 1.
Does anyone have a Kindle or know someone who does? How do you/they like it?

Monday, October 27, 2008

Magazine Love

I've said it more than once: I want to live in the pages of a magazine.

I do. I think...

So little muss. Just the right amount of fuss. Perfect lighting. Books stacked just so. Tea, still hot and unbothered, waits. A plush chaise with a knobby blanket draped. Maybe a lap dog, sleeping and odor-less. Counters are always shining, windows print-less and clear, the candle burns sweetly.

Anyway. I have always liked this magazine, Domino. But the like has risen to a new level with their latest issue. (November 2008)

I think, by this time, we all know about my affinity for white. White walls, white dishes, white floors, white furniture and linens. Simple. Clean. White.
Well...I love love love the colors in the bedroom above. Love.
Guess what the walls are? That chalkboard paint! Yes! I've always wanted to give that a whirl but never thought of putting it in a master bedroom.
I think what makes it work is the white fireplace, the simplest of linens on the bed, the rugged floors and [probably] a very high ceiling and lots of lights from large windows.
I showed Mr. B. this photo and said I might want to try it in our bedroom. Maybe a bit of a lighter version of it...
Have I gone wacko?

Here's something a bit more "my style" from Domino. It's in the same home as above [Jenna Lyons' Brooklyn Brownstone] but looks like a sitting room instead of the Master Bed.
Pretty. Understated. Elegant.

Here's a fun one! A new take on black and white. I used to love black and white paired. My bedroom was full of it when I was like 10. I've strayed for awhile but I really like this version.
A bit modern for my taste but fun to look at!

And her closet...
Yes yes. She is the creative director for J. Crew so of course she's going to have some fabulous clothes and gads of shoes. Love that floor though, what is it?!
Anyway...Back to your regularly scheduled Monday.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Pretty Teas and a Sparkling Jewel

Celestial Seasonings has some positively gorgeous tea boxes out right now. These two are my favorites:

I've only tried the Tropical Grapefruit Green Tea. Delish!
Cranberry Pomegranate is next on the list. Mmmm...

I just picked up Jewel's new album. I'm not really one for country music, but I do like Jewel.
She looks so great in her album art. See?

Cute shirt!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Token Fall Photos

Everyone's doing it.
Photos of our fun Fall day in the country:

Learning the art of sharing.
Very elusive; making it all that more touching when captured.
Homestead nestled in the hills.
"Ooof. Heavy, Mama!"

Beck feeds the goats.
Beck gets finger bit by the goats.
I feed a baby goat.
I decide I would love to own a goat someday...

The tractor goes "bump, bump."
Evie holds on for dear life.

Beck with his pumpkin/apple.
Thinking he's a grown up.

Precious Fall.

Sometimes You Wonder Why...

Life is so horrific sometimes. So happy sometimes...but so nasty others.

Remember Jennifer Hudson from American Idol? With her success there she moved to feature films and took an Oscar for Dreamgirls. Her newest film, The Secret Life of Bees, is out now. (aching to see that one!) So happy, so glowing.

Her mother and brother were found yesterday murdered in their Chicago home. Mother. Brother. Gone.

Her nephew is missing. He's only seven. Can you imagine the pain? The questions? The grief?

I know things like this happen all the time. I know it's no different since she's a celebrity. But to think of the horror for this poor, beautiful girl...

Friday, October 24, 2008

Frivolous Friday

Oh my heavens! How glad am I to be back in the blogging saddle again? It's completely lovely.

What better way to return to Frivolous Friday than to feature my very favorite, Reese.

Love this girl. She's featured in Vogue this month which really gives me some great new material to share with you.

The piece is set in Paris. Splendide!

Oh La La!

Très chic.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Plum Pretty

I'm back a bit early and ready to share some vibrant, beautiful things with you.

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Boy, did I miss this outlet! Let the blogging begin.