Friday, August 29, 2008

Italian Sweet Cream

Italian Sweet Cream Coffee Mate
Limited Edition.
Yes, I buy in bulk and freeze them.

Frivolous Friday

Today is Friday!

And we know what that means, frivolity!

Fri-vol-it-y: noun, plural -ties for 2.
1.the quality or state of being frivolous: the frivolity of Mardi Gras.
2.a frivolous act or thing: It was a frivolity he had a hard time living down.
3. happening on Fridays. When Mrs. B. posts photos and tidbits about things that don't really matter but make her happy (or make her roll her eyes).
Usually involving celebrity updates.
(Added that last part myself.)

I want to look at Reese today. I really like Reese. I think she's cute. I want to say that I think she's down-to-earth and nice and a good mother and sweet and can cook. But I'm not going to because I really don't know any of those things.

But I like how she looks and how she acts (because that's all I know). That's enough for me.

I like her style. It is simple and lady-like. She doesn't curse too much or get nude in movies.

I'm sad that she got divorced. But I'm glad she's dating someone cute like Jake G.

I like her movies. Especially Sweet Home Alabama and Walk the Line.

I like her hair a lot. I think that's because it is sort of thin and wispy, like mine. But she still makes it cute. I have to figure out how she does probably involves stylists 24/7. I think Mr. B. can afford that for me, his sweet little hard-working wife, don't you?

So, here's to cute girls like Reese and here's to the weekend!
I'm going to be spending a little quality college-friend time with some of my best girls. I'll be back later in the weekend with photos and stories to go with.
And then...dum da dum dum...Beck's 3rd Birthday on Monday!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Cake # 10 and Pen Pals

Adorable. Would be cute for a baby/wedding shower or ladies brunch. Because we know that only ladies would fully appreciate the sweet basket and berries pairing. No offense to the guys. It's just true.
From the Martha Stewart website:
Early summer is the best time to choose a cake like this one -- brimming with a fresh and varied assortment of the season's best berries. Red currants, raspberries, gooseberries, blueberries, and strawberries look beautiful jumbled together on basket-weave tiers. The basket-weave effect was created using an oversize leaf tip. The cake's three tiers are supported by wooden dowels; the berries are arranged before the dowels are inserted, which helps hide the supports.


I miss pen pals.
I miss writing to someone on an actual piece of stationary or a note card. In my own handwriting - preferably cursive - and signing my name and drawing a funny little smiley face or heart at the bottom.

I miss having the date written in the top right hand corner like I was taught in school.

I miss sweet endearments like "Honey Bee" and "Dearest One" and "Beautiful" written in the greeting.

I miss that intimacy that comes with knowing that what you are reading was written on someones kitchen table or desk. With their own pen and their own love. That someone chose the very stationary to reflect themselves and sent it to you. That someone folded the paper and placed it in the envelope. Licked it closed, sent it on its way.

The Internet is a wonderful thing. But it has made it so painfully convenient to do away with other, more wonderful things.


There is a new addition to the blog-world and I love her.

Find Michelle at her new blog, A Little Bit Cra[Sieh].
This is Michelle and I last Summer. A few people have told me we could be sisters. Is this true? If it is, I am flattered.
Anyway, she's sweet and her blog will be too.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Lineup


I have much higher hopes for this semester. Mainly because my course schedule does not include Chemistry or Math. Praise be!
Here's what Fall '08 looks like:
Anatomy and Physiology I - this is a class with massive amounts of memorization. It's reputation precedes it. I am not scared but I'm workin' plenty hard already.
Communication Across the Cultures - A little speech, a little cultural study. A lot of easy. Although I'm not big on public speaking. I'd much rather blog.
Principles of Nutrition - This class has the potential to completely change my thoughts on food. It is uber interesting (ew, did I just say "uber?"). I'm learning: You really are what you eat!

Simplicity and Cake # 9

I like simple things.

I like complicated things too; but I really like simple things.

Simple Art.
(I did not take this photo. But can't remember where I found it.)

My Simple Lunch.

Simple Sweetness.

Simple Dreams.
(I cannot remember where I got this photo either. Ooops.)


Alright, it has been awhile since I've annie-upped on my cake-a-day promise.

This is cake # 9 and the difference between this cake and my previous cakes is that it was designed and created by an actual friend of mine.

Don't be surprised. I have friends. Talented ones, too.


I don't know much about the filling of this cake because I, sadly, was not in attendance at the wedding it was made for. But here is her blog. Leave her a comment if you're interested in her cake or just want to tell her what a great job she did.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Speak To Me

It happens every Fall.

I get this itch to shop. And buy myself things. Clothes, mostly.

Money is short this year (ha! every year) and so, I am doing my shopping online. And really? It's just shopping. Because I'm not buying any of it. Humpf.

But these clothes speak to me, people. Audibly.

They say things like, "Buy me. Wear me. Love me."

I started at Banana Republic.
Love this grey sweater dress, wide leg trousers and black flats.
The hat? To die for.
My hair...I'm growing it out so I'll look like this model. Because I know that if I have long hair it will immediately turn jet black, thick and wavy. I will lose 25 pounds in a matter of moments and have large, pouty lips. I just know it.

This whole look is so unbelievably gorgeous.
Those shoes are great with the dress. A perfect pairing. I always have a tough time figuring out shoes w/ dresses.
Sweet shade of blue, too.

Oooh, this look is quite moody.
Look at the model. I'm scared.
But this orange and purple pairing is gorgeous.

Next, I'm going to Anthropologie.

This is my very favorite store in all the world. all of the little world that I've been to. But still.
This is a small, lame photo. But the pants are so cute with the double row of buttons. And I am especially liking the jacket with sweet ruffle details.

Here's another Anthro find. So so pretty. That's all I can say.

This one looks a lot like the orange ruffle number up in the Banana photo. It's from Anthro though. And it's calling my name.

Then I went to J Crew and died of happiness.

J Crew in the Fall is the very best.
Orange is a bit theme this season, huh? Orange and purple.
I can dig it.
Those ripped jeans are cute and just need to be worn to a pumpkin patch and have a little fresh apple cider dripped on them from my steaming mug. (I accidentally drip everything on my clothes. It means I love them.)

Here's a dainty little look with a bit of sass.
The shoes are fantastic and the skirt is really cute up close. Very graffiti chic. Oooh, I think I just made up a new style.
Again with the orange in the adorable shoes and scarf.

And, in a little departure from the vibrant colors, we're going to my all-time-favorite (next to blue) white.
This coat speaks for itself. I needn't say anything.

The plaid, wool wellies are so so sooooo what I want right now. They are very Diane Keaton in Baby Boom. Have you seen that movie from 1987?
Oh dear. It is so cute! You have to rent it. You'll love it.

I had so much fun shopping. So now, when you read this blog, imagine me in my plaid wellies, ripped jeans and autumnal sweater writing to you from the perfect pages of a catalog. Because, in order to get through my hectic days, that's what I imagine.

Monday, August 25, 2008


Another semester of schooling is underway.

Here goes nothin'!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Let's Go On A Walk

Forewarning: This is a long post. I mean long. With lots of pictures. But it's fun, so push through.

Come on a walk with me. I'll take you to this cool, planned community that is sprouting up.

Oooh, the double decker porch. You're going to be seeing a lot of those here. Yay.

Now, I'm trying to be inconspicuous about taking photos of complete stranger's homes. I really feel like I'm intruding. But I wanted to take you on a walk with me so here I am. Being creepy, for your enjoyment. You love me.

Mmm... Look at those old fashioned beauties. I'll bet the sunsets look gorgeous when you're sitting out on the top deck after dinner. Drink in hand, dog at your feet, soft John Legend playing in the background. Yes.

Oh boy. Look at this one. That dusty blue makes me excited. And the profusion of flowers...

Here is the point where Evie stands up and gives me a piece of her mind. Something about, "Mom, you're embarrassing me. Could you please stop taking pictures of people's houses on-the-sly?"

Oh shush, Miss Priss. Sit down.

I love this porch. Those chairs are perfect.

Oh. Stately, yes? There are homes on either side of this little reflection pond.

I really like what they've done with this door. The weathering is very nice.

Alright. This is The House. This is The House that makes my little heartbeat go speedy and my mouth go dry. It makes my eyes glassy and my mind whirl. Yes, it is orange, but it is also wonderful.

See? See the gas lanterns? See the ferns on the porch? See...?

Oh...yes...I almost forgot. I have two children. Two children that I am actually very fond of. They needed a break from all this house craziness. Aren't they cute?

A trickling pond adjacent to the playground.
This neighborhood has everything. Even a menagerie.

This photo is not really what it seems. My kids are being sweet and playing nicely on the playground but's a picture of The House. Do you see it? In the background. Sneaky, sneaky.

Sweet, chubby fingers at play.

Okay, on to more houses. These Adirondack rockers are actually very bright, very cheery orange. They look sort of red in this (hastily snapped) photo. Super cute.

Here's a little peek into someones courtyard. Okay, too personal. I'm getting out of here.

Oh, cute porch alert! This porch is decorated in black, white and celery green. Here's another shot of it:

I don't know if you can see in this photo, but whoever owns this lovely home has put a daybed on the top level of the porch. Swoon.

Here's a nice little raised patio on one of the row homes. Comfy.

Saying "Adieu" with a welcoming porch and another shot of The House.

Thanks for coming with! We should do this again sometime.