Monday, June 30, 2008

Help Me Out Here

Who are the Jonas Brothers?
I've been hearing about this group of brothers...does anyone know...?
I feel old.

If I Were DeAnna - Part Six

I would pick Jesse.
Is it just me or has his hair been looking better and better?
Did he get a cut?
Better product?
Or is he just growing on me?
I felt bad for Jeremy as he left...he sort of just couldn't make himself believe what was happening. Sad.
I really do like Jason, but I just feel like she's really into Jesse. He's adventurous and that's what she's looking for. At the same time, he seems to be fiercely loyal and ready to make her his wife (and mother of his children!) that's what she's looking for too.
So, yeah, Jesse's my pick.
Let's get to the "Men Tell All" and what a complete turkey Graham turned out to be. Acting all nonchalant and pretending he didn't hear half of what she said. Bah! Creepalicious.

Sunday, June 29, 2008


A white kitchen.
Is there anything more crisp? Look at those exposed shelves and the wood counter top. Excellent.

Tiffany blue shelving.
This is the best color there has ever been in decorating.
Next to white, of course.

French doors.

Red window moldings.
Red cabinet.
Neutral finishes.

White bedding.
A dream.

Again with the Tiffany blue.
On the floor!
Splashes of red.
Book cases.

All of these photos are from the Martha Stewart website. Adoration.


I am 4 weeks into my first semester back to school. That leaves me with 2 more weeks to go. Whew!

I am still less-than-impressed with Chemistry. I keep asking stupid questions like, "Why did God make things so complicated?!" and then, "Why did people decide they needed to figure out the things that God made so complicated?!"

I'm telling you, Chemistry makes me have mood-swings. Mr. B. can attest. I cry and moan and wail (and study) the few days before a test. I take the test and agonize about my grade and then I hoot and holler when I get the grade back. I proclaim, "I should be a chemist! I am so good at this! I want to invent force field!" Mr. B. just stares and shakes his head. (Mind you, my triumph comes from receiving an 88% - this is very unmerited confidence but a higher grade than expected; and so, I rejoice.)

Psych and Economics are both pretty non-dynamic (which is good, considering the tizzy I get thrown into with Chem).

So, that's the story. Two more weeks and I have completed my first semester. Cheers to that!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Just A Little Nosegay

I love flowers. My husband knows this.

Do I love flowers this much?

This anniversary boquet is enough to make Miss America jealous!
Yes! Yes, I do!

She's The Best

My trip to Virginia to visit Mrs. D. went perfectly! Here's a taste of my airplane reading. I love SkyMall.

Mrs. D. and I recovering on the porch after one of our mammoth, delicious meals.

The trip was completely fun and completely relaxing and completely worth it!

Ms. M, Mrs. D. and Myself. Tearing up the mall.

Beth had something fun planned for every day (and a daily nap squeezed in too...perfection!)

She surprised me one night with a dinner at Cheesecake Factory with grade-school friends showing up unannounced. Oh, it was so fun! Hugs, kisses, laughter, catching up and...cheesecake! We did some shopping after. Honestly, does it get any better than that?

These two are a-stinkin'-dorable!

My Mrs. D. got married a year and a half ago and has since set up house in a charming old stone farmhouse on some ideal acreage in the Vriginny countryside. I love it.

It's the kind of house that makes you think of rocking chairs, creaky floors and sweet tea in the summertime. Here's a picture of one of her kitties on the porch wishing she were indoors with us.

We cooked some spectacular fillet Mignon on the grill. We still aren't quite sure how we got them so perfect, but they literally melted in our mouths!

Mr. P, Ms. M., Me and Mrs. B.

I got the pleasure to see so many old friends. My mom babysat Mr. P. (He likes to be called "The Pizz") when we were both in 3rd and 4th grades. I think we could legitimately call him my first crush. Ha! I happen to think that The Pizz and Ms. M. would make a completely cute couple...that's all I'm gonna say about that! ;) (Humming "Matchmaker matchmaker, make me a match...")

Mama B., Mrs. D. and Sister B. - I adore these ladies!

Do you want to know that Mrs. D.'s family is the closest thing to family next to my very own? They are fantastic. Her two sisters are this hilarious pair of opposites and her mother is always good for a hoot of laughter (or 20). Mrs. D.'s father is the sweetest man, so sincere and always planting a kiss on our heads and proclaiming us "Darling."

Really, my family has moved so much since I was small (which really works well for me) but I don't feel an attachment to any certain house except Mrs. D.'s childhood home. Her family has lived there since before even she was born, so it feels the most like home to me. It was so good to be there.

A shot of Washington D.C. from the airplane window.

I felt so full and blessed leaving VA. Mrs. D. treated me like an absolute queen while I was there. A massage (yes, full body, for and hour!), a pedicure, surprises, long talks into the night and unconditional love.

She certainly is the best.


I love this man. He is the most completely amazing human being. If you knew him, you would think so too.

He took me to celebrate five years of marriage.

Fancy hotel...check.

Amazing dinner...check.


New jewels...check.

Kisses...check and check!


Wednesday, June 25, 2008

If I Were DeAnna - Part Five

If I were DeAnna I would be wishing on a star that I could combine my final four flawed bachelors into one super-bachelor.

Don't you think if she took the attraction that she had to Graham, the sweetness and commitment of Jason, the fun athleticism of Jesse and the perfection that is Jeremy she'd have the guy of her dreams? I really think she would.

Okay, let's break it down, since morphing four men into one is sort of impossible I'll move on.

Graham: I was right about her letting him go. She was smart to do it but how heartbreaking was the goodbye scene?! He still couldn't step up and tell her how he felt though, even in the end, when she was giving him a second chance (that's how it seemed to me) he stayed tight-lipped and stubborn. What was it with the note? Why couldn't he just say it to her? I honestly think he's got some intimacy issues...and what was with the complete mood-swing on the hometown date? First all cheesy and happy and then brooding and strange. It was good of her to steer-clear.

Jeremy: I think he's nice. I think his brothers aren't. You can let someone know you love your brother without saying, "I'm not on your side." Since when were there sides here? Weird.
One concern with Jeremy; he's a work-a-holic maybe. That's not so fun.
Also, I'm not sure if she has the hots for him like she did Graham. She sees that he's a good guy but she just doesn't feel it. Ya know?

Jason: Did you see him jump up and down like a little boy when he saw her coming? Kinda cute and kinda juvenile all at the same time. He really likes her...I'm not sure if she likes him quite as much. I feel like they haven't had enough one-on-one time yet.
Oh, and I cried when he had to leave his little Ty. So did Mr. B. (Yes, he watches with me, don't tell him I told you.)

Jesse: I saved my blossoming favorite for last. There are problems with him, namely his hair and his height (or lack thereof) and his non-lips.
But there are so many good things! He is honorable. Not kissing her while all the other dudes were gawking, waiting until it felt natural, wishing to become friends before lovers, wanting to meet her dad before the big "forego your separate rooms" event. Yep, good guy.
He is fun. He is family oriented. He is athletic. He is interesting. He is soooo into her.

So, that's it. I really can't tell you what might happen at the next rose ceremony. I'm at a loss because I just don't see what she had with bad-boy Graham in any of these other guys.
You know what I can see in the future...Her looking Graham up after the show and going after him. That would be interesting...

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

A Brief Respite

The "BFF" and I.

I am managing to get away from the bustle of summer school and home demands to visit my BFF (at the risk of sounding like a 5th grader - some cliches are just too true to pass up!)

I will post about my trip when I get back. Happy days!

If I Were DeAnna - Part Four

We can all breathe a sigh of relief. Twilly's gone. What kind of a name is Twilly anyway? Is it his given name or some terrible attempt at funny/cool of his own accord? Whatever, it doesn't matter.

I'm actually pretty surprised that Jesse is still in the running. But I like his fun personality. I think DeAnna was really liking him when it came to the 4-wheelers but when he wouldn't step up and just kiss her already she was disappointed. I have to admit, I was too. He can handle a 4-wheeler like nothing but he's scared to death of a cute girl? Really?

I have a feeling Graham is going to be out next week. I just think he's a bit of a Brad #2 and DeAnna sees that. We shall see...

Leaving my picks for the final two as:


Time will tell...

Monday, June 16, 2008

Brings Me Back

I am going to visit my best friend from grade-school this weekend. She's flying me to VA for a weekend of pedicures, good eating and laughter. Can. Not. Wait.

She's the girl that has everything but I am in the market for a b-day gift for her. I couldn't resist the Lip Smackers soda pop collection at Target. A&W Rootbeer, Cherry 7Up and Dr. Pepper flavored chapstick. Does it get any more 3rd grade than that?!

I am wearing the Dr. Pepper edition now and the smell is brining me back to frouffy bangs and summer camp.
I'm off to the mall with my two cherrubs (brave, I know) to find the rest of her gift. What do you get the girl with everything?!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Such A Pretty Baby

Here are a few of my favorite pictures of the Little Miss from the past few weeks.

This child is girl through-and-through. Always either giggling or pouting. She doesn't have many in-between emotions. That's just the way we like it! ;)

Friday, June 13, 2008

Frivolous Friday

How cute is this?

Apparently Cinderella the Pig is a mudaphobe and has to have mini-boots on whenever she takes a walk!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Hit The Books

I have two tests tomorrow. Two. I should be studying...

Economics is not scaring me. I'll be fine with that one.

Chemistry is kicking my butt. Bad. I'm shaking in my boots.
Do you think my teacher would buy it if I claimed to be a math atheist?
C'mon, you wouldn't mind having a nurse that's a math atheist, would ya?
On a happier note, Beck knows what a triangle is! I cut his grilled cheese into triangles (as opposed to squares) today and he exclaimed, "Triangle!" when I set it in front of him.
I stopped in my tracks, whirled around and said, "What?"
"Yes!" I said, "How many triangles are there?"
"One. Two. Three. Four!"
I was grinning from ear to ear and kissed him all over his beaming face. "You are the smartest boy in the whole wide world! The very very very smartest!" I said. (No egotistical children here.)
So, while I may be banging my head against the desk in Chem class, my son is clearly a geometry genius.

If I Were DeAnna - Part Three

If I Were DeAnna...

I would have freaked out at the inattentive, moody boys too!

I would be really proud of how I look in a bikini.

I would have given weirdo Twilly the boot a looong time ago.

I would have cried when I let go of Mr. Chi-caaah-go too. He was nice but didn't have "it."

I would run away from Graham even if he is hot.

I probably would have given Big Brian the shove-off too. He was only interested in friendships...I mean did he ever even try to talk to her?

I would get to know Jeremy and Jason a lot more.

I would wear middriff bearing tops and cowboy boots all the time.

I would thank my lucky stars I had the good sense to get rid of strange chef boy. I loved the kiss brush-off! Hilarious.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Once In A Lifetime

Jamie, my wholly beautiful sister-in-law and friend, was married last weekend. Jamie has a fantastic love story with Lance. It is chronicled in a really neat way - via their blogs. Its how they met! If you want to read a bit more about their relationship check Jamie's blog and Lance's blog.

The wedding was lovely. Held in Madison Country, Iowa on Roseman Bridge. Made famous by the book The Bridges of Madison County and the movie of the same name. A perfectly romantic spot for a simple wedding full of love.

Mr. B. and Evie getting smoochy.

Myself and the sweet babes.

Pastor S. and Lance - the groom.

Beautiful Jamie (honestly, I keep using that word...but she was beautiful!) making her walk down the aisle.

The praying couple.

Gorgeous setting.

Still in love.

Lance, Jamie and the seniors Mr. & Mrs. B.

Bow Chicka-Wow-Wow! ;)

Congratulations, Lance and Jamie! This kind of certainty comes once in a lifetime!

Since You've Been Gone

So, we've established that I had a forced blog absence and that during said absence many things have happened. Too much to write here are some pictures to catch you up.

Beck and Mr. & Mrs. B. went camping over Memorial Day weekend.
Spring camping is not advised by the B. family. Mr. B. found 10 + ticks on his body when we got home, the weather was rainy and the Memorial Day camping crowd was...interesting to say the least.

A visit with Great Grandma Sunshine.
Auntie Jamie and Uncle Lance's beautiful wedding at the one of the famous Bridges of Madison County.

My beloveds waiting for the beautiful bride to walk the isle.

Mrs. B. and Evie at the wedding.

A stop at McDonald's playland.

Mom, Me and Sister. Alli's birthday celebration.

Relief from the 90 degree summer weather.

I started school.
We took a weekend trip and hit 3 states in 3 days. (Yes, that was Mr. B's idea)
A gathering of 10 guys at my house watching UFC and eating brats.
Lots of studying and freaking out.