Tuesday, May 27, 2008

If I Were DeAnna - Part Two

Okay, I'm a little late...but I have a few good reasons.

#1 - Watched the show Tuesday instead of Monday due to family get-away.

#2 - Having huge computer crisis at the moment, it will be a miracle if this blog actually posts. So - if you're reading this take a moment to PTL! ;)

Alright, on to the good stuff: DeAnna and her men.

First, I want to say that I'm sort of disappointed in the quality of guys she has to pick from. This group seems to be full of men with bad hair, skinny bodies, dumb senses of humor and messed-up pasts. I'm just sayin'...

Here's what I think: DeAnna has a major "thing" for Graham. Graham thinks she's cute. DeAnna is super scared that he's not really that into her and just wants to have fun. She's a little gun-shy about what happened last time (and we ALL know what happened last time) and wont let it happen again. I'm not sure about him either...What I do know: he's cute and a five o'clock shadow looks good on him.

Jeremy is cute cute cute. I mean, those dimples and the freckles...D. just can't resist. Could you?
One thing I'm a little worried about with this one is she may be into him because he lost both of his parents and she wants to be a comfort to him. Kind of that co-dependant thing. I'm not sure...but it's possible. Did you see her melt when he told her about his parents dying? She was all over that.
I think he's getting a bad rap from all the other guys because they're scared of him. He was just joking about the "my house" thing. Whatever, they're just scared.

I still really like "single-dad." I can't remember his name. That doesn't bode well for him, huh? We'll see how she reacts to his revelation about his 3 year old son...

And Brian...Brian W. from Texas. Brian W. the football coach from Texas. I have a crush. He's sweet. He reminds me of Mr. B. Big, handsome, confident, quiet, unassuming and trustworthy. (At least that's what dream I've conjured up in my head for Brian.) His only flaw: He's not workin' it! Have you noticed that he is in the back of the crowd every time? He's never pushing to sit next to D. or trying to get her attention. Maybe that's part of what's so great about him, but she'll never notice him if he doesn't step up!
I am sooo glad she booted the Grecian dude that had nothing to talk about but Greece (I know, he was in my top picks last week, I've seen the error of my ways).
Why, oh, why did she keep this strange Twilley character? He was just giving me a case of the willies...remember when he said she doesn't have a case of the "Twillies?" Ew!!!
And the strange kung fu karate dude with the hair. Oh my, I thought he'd be long gone.
The chef? Don't like him either.
The virgin: he's nice and all but I don't think he's the one for her. His rubber-looking face is annoying.
Okay, that's all. What do you think?

Oh! And I'd just like to say "Yay" for Matt and Monkey from last season. They're still together and so cute!


The Arnold Family said...

Ok I got about halfway down your post and realized you were talking about part 2...the rose ceremony. I hadn't seen that part. So I had to go open it and watch it. Ok.

I love it how when DeAnna and Jeremy had their one on one time at the ball field, she got him mixed up! She got him confused with Eric, the Greek guy. She said, "So I know you are close to your mom..." Haha OOPS! And then he made his parents passing a big long dramatic thing. Too dramatic for my liking. But he scored some BIG points with her over that, and he will be around till the end JUST because of that.

Why does the Christian of the group have to be all psyco and stalker-like???? I think he took himself waaaay too seriously. The camera always got shots of his face, and he looked like he was planning how to slit them with a knife when the camera wasn't looking. He looked like he was killing all the fun all the time. Sorry if anyone of you reading this know him...I saw that he was from Lakeville...

Why is she keeping Jesse around? He's totally gross!!! Yes he may give her a laugh every now and then but they are not a good fit. She will see that soon...I hope.

Why is she keeping Fred around?? He's totally annoying! With his thick Chic-a-go accent.

I loved it at the rose ceremony when DeAnna went off screen to cry. All the guys she left behind were so uncomfortable. They had to, in typical guy fashion, console themselves and explain to themselves why she left. Haha the look on Karate guys face was priceless.

My favs? Still Jason, and science guy. Jeremy definetly is cute, but I don't trust him. I fear she may not see what I see...I am ok with Brian walking away with her. Seems like he would treat her well.

There's my 2 cents!

Bethany Patrice said...

I like the single dad and the science guy. Everyone else kinds of gives me the heebie jeebies. Also, Deanna seems to be a bit too needy for my liking. I feel kind of sorry for her, because I feel like her choice of guys is kind of second class. Anyways..those are my pessimistic thoughts.