Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Too Much HGTV

We've been sorta glued to HGTV at our house in the last few weeks. Maybe it's Spring Fever making us itch to do something new. So...we have plans. Lots of plans. Hopefully you'll be seeing many "before and after" photos here in the coming months.

Living room before:

Disregard the's our house after Christmas morning. But notice the stark walls. Now, I'm a white decor type of girl, but this white is more due to busyness (or laziness) than a design choice.


I picked this brown using this waaaay fun little tool on the Behr Paint website.

The accent wall after:
Love this color! There was a point last night when Mr. B. and I looked horrified at each other thinking it looked like Army Green instead of Delightful Brown. But now, in the morning light and dry, it's perfect. Phew!

We're going to add a little crown molding to the top and paint the other walls a complimenting lighter color. To Be Continued...


Sarah said...

I found you through The Arnold's blog, and I love your site! I enjoy earthtones too - your wall looks wonderful! I am itching for spring as well.... you make me want to do some painting! Can't wait to see what else you do!


PS That nasty Yolar spammed me too. ICK.

Beth said...

I love the new look and applaud you for using COLOR. Beautiful. Great painting job too! Post another pic once the crown molding is up - that will be fun to see too.

Mrs. W said...

looks the pics on the wall they are so creative!

The Arnold Family said...

Oooo I like. Very pretty.

Lyndee said...

I am amazed that Ira was painting! Yippee for a cool living room! You both did well!

Sara said...

Love the new color! and the pics on the wall are beautiful! Sara from Fiction Lovers

Guy Houchins said...

That was a total house makeover! I'm glad that you were able to pull off a clean and adorable house just after the Christmas havoc. By the way, to ensure that your house is clean all year round, I suggest that you schedule a cleaning routine. In this way, you can keep dirt from piling up and you don't have to do general house cleaning.

Guy Houchins