Friday, March 28, 2008

Frivolous Friday

In light of my recent discovery of "The Austen Within" I couldn't resist picking up this DVD at the best store ever. It was only $5...unbelievable.

Maybe it should be included in my Mom's Night Out tonight. Of course, that would mean that a portion of the evening would technically be "Mom's Night In." But I'm ok with that.

Happy Friday! What are your plans for the night?


[not the] Best Blog Ever said...

Being a good wife and attending the MN state high school basketball tourney with my hubby as he roots for his own HS.

I actually think it will be kinda fun. :)

Lyndee said...

Watch CSI Miami and care for Tisha. All the while try not to freak out re: the money I have to have to live. I am so undone.

Mother Ring said...

I've been watching the Austen movies on PBS for weeks now. I'm so hooked. I do like that version of Sense & Sensibility, too. Hugh Grant is such a cutie, even with the scandal.