Thursday, February 14, 2008

With Love, Your Broke-Down Valentine

My children have given me the most heart-felt of gifts for Valentine's Day this year. The only true thing that could have possibly been from them to me without from Mr. B. as a conduit. Positively loving...

I'm sick.

They did it.

I'm fighting...and losing.

I think today I will watch Chocolat...

And Pride and Prejudice...

And pretend I am having a lovely Valentine's Day and await my weekend away (sick or not, it will happen!) on the couch with Vitamin C and echinacea tea as company. Maybe My Antonia will come along for the ride.
Sick or not, I wish you a day full of romance and passion or relaxation and rest (depending on what type of girl you are ;).
I hope you get some of this:

Maybe a little of this treatment:

And, if you're really lucky, a bit of this:

ooh La LA!

A Hearfelt "Happy Valentine's Day" from my heart to yours!


Bethany Patrice said...

Did you get your kids' pink eye? I hope you recover for your weekend.

Sandy said...

I love the woman who played in Chocolat - did you happen to see her in "Dan in Real Life?" Excellent movie ...

Lyndee said...

Not dreaded Pinkeye...gasp! I will pray for you! I told Eliana her cousins had pink-eye and she took off with it. Don't be surprised if she remembers this for a year or so! "Beck has Pink eyes?"

Lyndee said...

Oh...just went to a site about the dog you are getting and it said never around toddlers and fierce for it's size. Will fightother dogs so needs socializing or training like at the petsmart doggie obedience lessons) and very hard to potty train so needs a kennel to help it train. I am praying for you! My dog of choice was the Airdale and I always wanted one tried 2x and had to give up as my timing was way off. The first the kids were little and I had no time to train her. The second one I was running a day care and same scenerio. Sob! Oh well...I just learned some dogs are intensive and others are low key. I now want nothing but low key and mellow! yup! But I will pray that Teddy will work out. How will you call a dog Beau (Here BoBo, get here this moment Bobo!)
Silly thought huh? But Beau is high on your poll...interesting.
Anyway I love you tons and want you to find this puppy works for your family!