Thursday, February 21, 2008

What I'm Cookin' Up

I've been watching alot of Food Network since I've been sick (still battling the "ickies"). I have quite the portfolio of new recipes to try. Here are some of them...

Chive Biscuits Barefoot Contessa

Asian Grilled Salmon Barefoot Contessa

Citrus Semifreddo Everyday Italian

Crostini Alla Romana Everyday Italian


Maegan said...

Dinner at the B's!!

Andrea Worley said...

i made the chicken's awesome!! you'll love it!

Lyndee said...

So dying to try the asperagus and snap peas when the price comes down a tad for asperagus. I have only bought $50.00 worth of groceries this month and living off the freezer. Salad came in the door due to a storm and the shower being cancelled...we are alive but looking forward to anything but stew/soup/venison and gravy/mac n cheese and eggs. Oh well. We are blessed to have what we have and the strength to go on to the next adventure!