Tuesday, February 19, 2008


We sort of had dreams of grandeur.
Nights on the town in the big city.
Catching a concert and enjoying ridiculously over-priced meals.

When we arrived at my parents empty and waiting home reality set in. We were tired to the point of delirium. I mean who woulda thought these two little cherubs could exhaust two grown, reasonably healthy adults in their prime?

The only thing we could muster on Friday night was dinner at Chili's and a trip to Wal-Mart to gather necessities for the weekend. That was it! Then, home to the bath and then bed for an unreal 10 hours (straight) of sleeeep.

Saturday was lazy and boring and perfect. Mr. B. and I dragged ourselves from bed and drove down the street to the Crispy Waffle (fun name, huh?) and had the most A-maz-ing breakfast. I got these crepes that should have been named, "Oh-my-freakin'-Lord Crepes" because that's all I could say when I took a bite.

Mr. B. rolled his eyes while I disgraced myself taking pictures and moaning over every bite.

Then we went to a super lame movie that could not get over fast enough..."Fool's Gold." A little more of the former than the latter in that one. Don't see it.

The rest of Saturday looked a little something like this:

Except for the time that we took a nap at 5:00 pm "just because we can!" and woke at 6:30 to eat a little and pop a movie into the DVD player.

Sunday was spent in the car. We drove north to pick up the adorable Teddy (see post below) - whom I fell in love with promptly and will not be seperated from. And then headed south again and home.

So. It was wonderful. But painfully short.

Thank you so much, Mom & Dad, for keeping the kids!!


Sandy said...

I remember those getaways! Sounds like a wonderful time! You are blessed to have your parents helping you out :)

Jamie Willow said...

I have always wanted to try Oh-my-freakin'-Lord Crepes...seriously.

The Arnold Family said...

Aaahhh sounds wonderful. I laughed about the camera at breakfast thing...Lee is the same way.