Monday, February 11, 2008

I'm Expecting!


Haha! Gotcha!
But really, this is my Valentine's Day gift from my more-than-wonderful Mr. B. Isn't that exciting?! I've wanted a Yorkie for yeeeears and finally I get to have this little guy.
He'll be ten weeks when we pick him up next weekend and I just can't wait to get my hands on his little 2.5 pound self!
Frou-frou puppy I come! :)


carissa... brown eyed fox said...

OMG... that is soooo...super... exciting!

We have a yorkie... she is now more than 2 1/2! Let me just say... she is THE best little gal we could have ever asked for! She was a breeze to potty train (never goes indoors... ever) and super great with our girls! She is just super!

How exciting! You are going to have a ball! yippee! woo hoo

sofistikated1 said...

How. Freakin'. Adorable!

You just want to SQUEEEEZE him!!!

The Arnold Family said...

Urgh my heart dropped when I read your title, because the picture took forever to load.

Cute pup!

Lyndee said...

Hope you find 3 babies to be a snap! At least the dog won't get pink eye! Miss you and wish I had time to breathe. Don't even...

Maegan said...

I love him!!! Tooooo cute