Friday, February 29, 2008

Frivolous Friday

Lady in Red

How completely perfect did Katherine Heigl look at the Oscars on Sunday? This Escada number is to die for.

And a little eye-candy for the ladies:

I think George Clooney is a man that gets better as he ages. Fine wine, anyone?

Happy Friday!


Alicia Marie said...

The red Escada was my FAVORITE dress at the Oscars... You have great taste! :)

The Arnold Family said...

You've been tagged! Read my "blog challenge" for more info.

cara v. said...

ICAM.. Katherine Heigl to me is the epitome of classic beauty and glamour!

Clooney just doesn't do it for me though, LOL.. maybe his politics blind me to his charm ;)

Sandy said...

I love that dress too.

Happy Friday to you, too, Mrs. B.

Come on over and see Part II: Mealtime with Munchkins :)

Bethany Patrice said...

i wish i had a reason to get all dressed up like that! they should have the "oscars" for moms.

Callie said...

Love the 'frivilous' pics... Katherine Heigl reminds me of Kim Catrell in that dress.