Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Ready, Set, Redecorate!

We are making the basement - currently a scary combination of guest quarters and storage space (poor guests!!) - a play/music room for the kids. How exciting is this?!

Hopefully this weekend will be when most of the work gets done. But, I'm not getting my hopes up too high. If you know my husband, you know why...

Here are some of my inspiration pictures:

From Land of Nod website.
Now, I don't have all of the designer furniture and the perfect rug combos. But...this is what I'm going for in the general feel of the room. And how cute is the idea of hanging the kid's art with string and clothes-pins?

I realize this picture is a bit...nutty. I will not be creating a forest in my basement. (Much to the disapointment of my husband and son, I'm sure.) But I like the combo of green (although this green is a little too vivid for my taste) and deep blue. My basement has a chair rail dividing the wall and I'd love to use that chalkboard paint for the lower half on one wall.

My hands are itching to get ahold of the insane amount of toys with "small pieces," pack them all snug in their Rubbermaid bins, snap on the lids and stack them (oh-so-satisfactorily) on the shelves in neat little rows.

I will not post "before" pictures. It's too ugly. Just let your imagination run wild. (and then multiply that by 10.) But you can bet your boots I'll be posting the glorious results. It maybe be next year before we're all finished. Again, if you knew my husband...


Lyndee said...

I do know your husband and I will pray! (Is he well again from the sore throat?) Use your motivating power. Promise him camping days in return...that might work!

Beth said...

Looks adorable. Good luck, Mr. B. :)

The Arnold Family said...

Those pics look like a wonderful idea. Come know you want a forest in your basement!