Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Beck and Mrs. B. last August.

I got to experience a new parenting joy today.
Beck was happily munching his crackers and cheese and paused to glance my way and say, rather contentedly and confidently, "I love you, Mom."
I stopped. I looked at him. I melted. I ran over and covered his little cherub face in grateful kisses. He giggled...I think he even blushed. And then he topped it off with, "So much!"
Now, "I love you so much" is a phrase we say often in my house. But it's always myself or Mr. B. initiating the sentiment. Never before has my boy just sprung it on me out of the blue.
A sure fire way to melt your mommy into a blubbering puddle of goo!


Mrs. P Martinez said...

Awww. Beck is a sweetheart. =)

Lyndee said...

Please tell the little love that Gramma Lynda loves him soooo much 2!