Friday, January 11, 2008

I Love My Sister

There is no love quite like a sister's.
We share so many dreams and yet we are as different as can be. We dream of family life, Godly character, traveling. We laugh at the same jokes. We both suffer from the phobia of hotel comforters. We are embarrassed at our "too boisterous" laughs and "too large" noses.

Sister & Mrs. B. 20 years ago.

Sister & Mrs. B. today.

Yet, we are so different. Her sense of adventure and unwillingness to stop or back down defines her character. I am content to "be." We have admitted to having nothing in common with one anothers friends. We dress differently and read different books.

But the differences endear us to each other. I laugh more when I'm with her than with anyone else. I seek her creative advice. I admire her work (and play) ethics. I learn from her Godly insights.

She is going back north to school this weekend and I won't see her for another few months.

I wish you a safe trip and delightfully scruffy eye-candy, sis! Love you!!


carissa... brown eyed fox said...

Sister's ARE a gift from God! They are the best!

You two are too cute!

alli said...

i cried.

love you, and am sad it's going to be so long.

Lyndee said...

I never had a sister so wanted my daughter Jamie to have one. I prayed for Jessi Lynn to come and wow she sure did and they are friends now...different but good for one another.

Sandy said...

Sisters are the best - and you've probably seen some of my posts about mine :) Tomorrow night we are all cooking my Dad bday dinner - but we're doing the dish together! Yay for sisters ...

The Arnold Family said...