Friday, January 18, 2008

Hey, Martha, You So Fine!

Well, maybe Martha Stewart isn't fine, but her decorating sure is!

I took these pictures of Skylands, her summer home on the coast of Maine, from her website.

Her style in this home is pretty rustic, but I guess if I had a few homes to decorate I'd choose rustic for one of my styles too!

The picture below is probably my favorite. Wanna guess why?

It's a book corner! :)

Tootles, I'm off to dream and pretend that I live in this house!


Bethany Patrice said...

Okay, this house is beautiful, but whoever owns it obviously does not have children. I wonder how "white" that bathroom would stay in my house? I'd give it an hour.

I do love the kitchen too, with all of the utensils so easily accessible. I just know that if I left my cookware on the counter, Parker would fashion it into some kind of weapon!

Mrs. P Martinez said...

I agree about this house not having any children living in it. Maybe once my children are grown I would have the luxury of living in a home like this. I love it! Great taste Mrs. B!