Monday, January 7, 2008


Is there a store that just makes you quiver with delight when you step in? You just want absolutely everything you lay your eyes on?

Anthropologie is that store for me.

The clothes are classic but eccentric. Timelessly trendy. (I love a good oxymoron.)


Jamie Willow said...


check out this's a photography blog...but this post has a cool idea on it for winter...

Lyndee said...

Where is this store? I want to run away and wonder if there is one nearby???

Maegan said...

I love love love Anthropologie!! I wish I could afford everything they have. Urban Outfitters is good too but not quite AS good.

seanna.nicole said...

mrs. b -

LOVE anthropologie...if only i had an endless budget ;) just wanted to say THANK YOU for the wonderfully sweet post you did to refer people to my blog - my counter went up from around 14 visitors a day to 56 overnight!

you look like you're doing great, and your kids are ADORABLE. evie looks just like you :)

thanks again!