Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Wanted: Energy

I'm tired. And still a little sick. So are my kids.
Here's what I've been thinking today:

~Evie can walk. She took her first real steps on my birthday and now she's getting really good.

~I need to go Christmas shopping. If it were as fun and blissful looking as this picture, I might be inspired to go for it. It's not, so I'm not inspired.

~Evie loves her Madame Alexander baby doll my mom gave her for Christmas last year. I think that's so cute.

~I wish Giada (from the Food Network) would come over and make me some of her Angel Hair Pasta with Sun dried Tomatoes and Goat Cheese.

~Eating bountiful amounts of fudge when I'm stressed is not going to help my [once] girlish figure.

That's all.

1 comment:

Lyndee said...

Fudge is poison but the pasta may be a source of nutrition. I love Evie walking!!!!!Squeel! Whoop! Yeah! Big girl. Mom must move fast now! You need stretch arms like on the fantastics!