Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Twenty-Six Years

Mom & Dad admiring Evie last Christmas.

My parents anniversary is today. They've been married 26 years.
In the midst of my "mommy-of-two-sick-toddlers" crisis today, I called my mom, forgetting all about the special day, and complained for at least 40 minutes. Oh...woe is me. Then, I remembered, "It's December 12th...their anniversary!" Oopsies.
Guess that just goes to show that mommies never really stop denying themselves to take care of their babies. No matter if their "baby" is 2 or 25, if it's just another day or their 26th anniversary, if they're in the next room or 250 miles away. Mommies are always mommies.

Enough about me...

My parents. Mom and Dad. Marmee and Dadda.

They're the best.

People claim their parents are the best. They're lying. My parents are the best. (There can only be one best...and it's them.)

I have been around almost as long as they've been married. I realize now, as a mother myself, that it probably wasn't so easy to find out they were pregnant three months after their wedding. They welcomed a baby into their little newlywed life before their first wedding anniversary! I was a presumptuous little thing, wasn't I?

They have taught me (and my siblings) so much about life. About relationships, forgiveness, responsibility, academics, domesticity. But when I think about what my parents have taught me, the number one thing that pops into my head is faith in Christ.

The teaching didn't come in the form of Sunday School class and formal church services - although, as a preacher's kid, there were plenty of those! How I learned was witnessing thier own relationships with Christ through the years. Things got tough...sometimes downright nasty, and they didn't allow the hardship to destroy their faith. It's not to say they didn't worry or wonder or even question God sometimes, but they never stopped striving to follow His calling.

Thank you, mom and dad, for loving each other. For loving God. For making me. For giving me Alli and Brennan. For this unshakable foundation you've equipped the three of us with. For lessons that were hard to learn. For every sacrifice. For the arguments you never let us see. For making me go to piano lessons. For believing in me. For giving me my dream wedding (I know you're still paying that sucker off). For loving my children so much.

I love you.


Anonymous said...

Ashley.......thanks for the beautiful, it was not much of a celebration, but we will make up for it soon after the holidays. You were the first, best anniversary gift we ever got!

Rick said...

Ash, I will have to learn that it is not a good idea to read what you write about me and your mom at the office. As I read the screen grew bleary I thought "Oh NO! cataracts already. I'm too young!" But I realized the blur was from the tears forming in my eyes that soon spilled over down my face. You three kids are the best thing that ever happened to me and your mom. IN fact you three may be the best accomplishment we have ever done together. Thank you!

Lyndee said...

You are a joy Ashley! Your parents did a fine job and I love them for it!