Saturday, December 15, 2007

Snowflakes and "Santee Claus"

Oh, we had such a fun day. Shopping and shopping.

Visiting Santa and getting candy canes from his bottomless basket.

He was a very gentle, very nice (cute!) Santa. No fake beards or bad breath. Evie liked him.

We hit the Disney Store.

And Janie and Jack. One of my very favorite kids stores. The. Cutest. Clothes. Ever ever ever!

The ride home took 3 times longer than it should have. Snow isn't the most common thing in this area and the behavior we witnessed on the road was testimony to that. Completely clueless! :)

We have at least 7 inches on the ground now and it won't be stopping anytime soon. Delightful!

Mr. B. filled a bowl with the white stuff and we drizzled maple syrup over it. What a yummy treat!

Sasha gets all excited and beside herself when it snows. A true Minnesotan.

Mr. B. Just as ruggedly handsome as ever.

Now Christmas can come...we've had a proper snow.


Beth said...

A. Your kids are adorable.
B. You yourself look great, as well.
C. I'm so glad you had a fun, productive day of shopping and Santa-visiting. No small feat, I'm sure, with two little ones in tow!
D. How fun that you're getting snow! We here up north are happy for you southern transplants! :)

The Arnold Family said...

I'm green with envy. Enjoy your snow!

Sandy said...

Love the Santa pix.
Great family memories ...

Lyndee said...

You had a great day! Ira does look handsome for sure...I love you guys and some of my tears today are tears of joy for your family and the happiness you have found. This blog had become way important to me...just so you know...

Anonymous said...

Oh what a fun post! Your music matched perfectly! Merry Christmas to you and yours!! Stop by some time, we seem to share a lot of common interests- choclate, laughter and family to name a few. :)