Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Perfect, Pink Party Pics

The fleet of sprikley cupcakes. Ready and waiting for a hungry birthday girl.

Ever so cautiously...

Playing with her Baby Belle.

Beck's face when he realized it was a day all about Evie.

Beck's face when he realized Grandma had sent him a gift too!

The pink polka-dotted aftermath.

Little mama.

Here come the cupcakes!

Taste test.

Ever so lady-like.

At this point, we must have a flash-back to Beck's first birthday cake experience. This is a perfect visual of the difference between my two children:




Beth said...

Oh my goodness - precious!!! I think that picture of Beck crying is especially awesome. :) Thx for sharing.

Lyndee said...

I remember that night with Beck! He was not interested in that mess but Evie is diving right in for the experience. Go Evie...
Both kids are so precious!