Monday, December 31, 2007

Holiday Highlights


Christmas is over. My house is a disaster. We are finished travelling (nearly four states in ONE week).

I'm going to bullet point the highlights to save us all from a novel of a blog entry.

  • Alli and I sang "Welcome to Our World" by Amy Grant at the candlelight Christmas Eve service at my dad's new church. Mr. B. played the congas. It was pretty!

  • Mr. B, myself and the babes opened our gifts on Christmas Eve (in keeping with the tradition Mr. B's family started many years ago). Then, Alli & Bren - my brother and sister joined us and we played Chinese checkers and pick-up-sticks until late into the night.

  • The sweet babies got their kitchen set and table and chair set that Mr. B's grandpa hand-made for Mr. B and his siblings when they were young.

  • I hosted Christmas morning brunch - cinnamon rolls and breakfast casserole - for my parents and siblings. We tore into our presents and celebrated all Christmas day. Mom, Alli, and I made a fabulous Christmas feast for dinner.

  • Everyone (but Mr. B, who had to stay home to work...ick!) piled in the cars the day after Christmas and headed up to my parents house in Chicago.

  • Alli and I spent a night in Chicago - we got to see Phantom of the Opera at the Cadillac Palace Theatre. I was spell-bound. We had prime seats and the show was gorgeous!

  • Thursday, we tucked into the minivan (5 adults and 2 car seats!) and made the 1.5 hour drive to my paternal grandparents for a celebration. Beck and Evie got to meet their second cousin, baby Anika, for the first time. She was so sweet and it was great to see my cousins again too.

  • Evie tried her first dill pickle. Yum!

  • Friday we were on the road yet again to spend a few days in Indiana at my other grandparents beautiful home. Mr. B. drove up and met us all there to join in the festivities.

  • We got boat-loads of presents and I begged for a bigger car to fit them all in. The begging didn't work.

  • Saturday, we had a lazy -but so yummy - brunch at Aunt Mandy's house on the lake. Then spent all day watching old home videos, playing Scene It - Disney edition, eating, taking naps and topped it off with watching Little Women (my favorite).

  • Shopping and the 5 hour drive home filled our Sunday.

We had such a fun, blessed Christmas!

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The Arnold Family said...

Sounds like a wonderful way to spend the holidays!