Sunday, December 23, 2007


Christmas shopping: Finished!

I put the finishing touches on my shopping last night and here's what I got:


Home to Holly Springs is the first installment of Jan Karon's Father Tim series. A certain Mitford lover in my family has been eagerly awaiting Christmas so she can receive the hard-cover version of this book.

Babies by Gyo Fujikawa is an adorable vintage first published in 1963. Mom said it was one that was her favorite when she was tiny!

It's a board book - it will withstand Evie's "reading!"

Goodnight, Goodnight Sleepyhead by Jane Dyer was just way too sweet to pass up. The baby girl must put all of her stuffed animals and dolls to sleep before she can lay her head to rest.

Another board book!

The Daring Book for Girls by Miriam Peskowitz will make one of my very favorite daring girls a very happy girl indeed!

And, of course, I had to get my little ones this book since it belonged to the library but it was one of their favorites.

Check here for more of my favorite current reads.


Lyndee said...

We like a lot of the same things. I ordered the new Jan Karon novel for myself....super great writer!
I pointed out the daring book for girls and dangerous book for boys to Jams at that wonderful Patina place when we were there....

Sandy said...

Hi Mrs. B!
Love the choice of books ... and I too have the "Daring Book for Girls" ...