Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Christmas Letter

Merry Christmas, Everyone!

This email, sadly enough, is going to have to pass for the B. family Christmas card this year. Call me unorganized, untraditional or whatever "un-" you decide is best. It is what it is. I promise to do better in 2008 - it's my resolution!

This year has been a doozey. I won't go into all the reasons why. Let's just suffice to say that Mr. B. and I have learned a lot about life, God, ourselves, and each other. 2007 is not a year that I would wish to live over again, but it is a year that I see has held vital lessons and experiences for our family.

Mr. B. is still working at Bally Total Fitness as a Fitness Director and part-time Personal Trainer. He is really enjoying "his team" of trainers that he has developed over the last year. He had a job offer in August with another fitness company but turned it down when Bally heard that he was considering leaving and gave him a promotion of sorts. He is great at what he does and Bally does not want to lose him!
We had a chance to go camping for one night which was probably one of the highlights of Mr. B.'s year. The man loves to get out into nature. We were adventurous and brought both kids. Not my idea of fun...but he loved it.

I have been busy with raising two kids under two. I also have accepted a job as a Kindermusik teacher (teaching music and movement to children 0-7 years of age) that will begin in February of '08. I am so excited about this new venture and grateful that I only have an incredibly flexible schedule so I can still stay home with the kids. One thing that allows me to take the job is that my parents have taken a new Senior Pastoral position at a church only 30 miles from us so Mom can watch the kids while I work. Isn't it amazing how God works?
I also have been really busy with a MOPS program. I am a small group leader two Fridays a month and have had a blast getting to know some lovely ladies. I'm still scrap booking, reading lots and have found a new love, the blog! I love the ease of writing my thoughts, adding pictures and posting it on the net for all to see and keep updated on our daily lives.

Beck is two. He's getting so big and so is his hair. Everywhere we go, someone mentions the boy's hair. It is a glorious mop of ringlets (that is, when it's not a nest of dreadlocks).
He is still obsessed with anything round that can be thrown. "Socca Ball," "Base-a-Ball," and "Baket Ball" are his favorite words. He loves to give goodnight kisses right smack on the lips and must have a prayer with a big, fat "amen" before bed every night. He is developing a love for books and will sit with me or Ira for as long as we'll read to him. (That's my boy!)
Beck loves to visit our extended family. It is almost a daily occurance for him to ask for Grandma, one of his Aunties, Papa or "Gampa Jack."
He has one of the sweetest little spirits and we feel completely overjoyed that he is ours.

Evangeline Faith celebrated her 1st birthday on December 17th. It sort of amazes me that it has been a year since the little lady has been here! Words to describe Evie: snuggly, opinionated, beautiful, noisy, musical and go-getter.
She is the perfect counterpart to our laid back son.
Evie took her first few steps on my birthday and now is not satisfied unless she's running or speed-crawling. She loves baby dolls and thinks their sole purpose for existence is to be kissed. And the girl can eat! My, oh my! She double-fists her meals into her mouth and then screams for more. (Again, taking after her mother.)
She is very much a mama's girl and gives a wary stare to whoever may come to take her from me. In the last few weeks she has really attached herself to Ira though. I see a very remarkable relationship developing between those two.

So, that is us! Again, I know it's not a traditional card and I'm really feeling terrible about this, but it is all I can do to keep up on the laundry and keep my children alive these days (well, it's not as bad as that).
If you know someone that does not have internet access and hasn't received this riveting little installation, please print the email and show them (I'm thinking grandmas here).

We wish you all a delightful Christmas with lots of love and laughs and a safe and happy New Year!


The Arnold Family said...

Ya do what ya have to do. Sadly, I was looking forward to having the beebs picture up on my fridge all year. Oh well, next year eh?

Anonymous said...

i will design you a christmas card next year girl! don't forget! ; ) darling picture! oh, and don't worry that you're not perfect, no one is except that sweet baby Jesus who grew up and saved us all. christmas card, schmistmas card. next year you'll have 'em out on the first day of december, i just know it! merry christmas!

Beth said...

Great letter! Loved it - thanks!

Sandy said...

Love it! And guess what? I think we're doing the same this year. Like I've said ... too much tradition? ha ha.
Loved reading about your family. Blessings Mrs. B! Be looking for our on-line wish! :)